Giant robot — mantis killer

robot hexapod

So, it seems, is not far off the rise of the machines. Well, technical progress with the complete destruction of the working class and replacing it with cheap labor in the form of robots. In any case, this news makes us feel as pleased.

Enthusiast named Matt Denton from Hampshire, in England, spent four years on the fabrication and Assembly of a giant robot mantis with cabin, on which you can ride. It is, of course, the robot (because it does not in itself goes), is a machine in the form of a walking giant robot. It works on diesel to go five miles, he will need 20 liters of fuel. Speed, however, is small. Despite the fact that Matt considers his invention just a very expensive toy (he spent serious money), his creation is already interested. By the way, Matt believes that with the help of this awesome robot to carry out repair work and extract minerals.

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