Giant jenga


You probably spent many fun evenings playing with friends in a game of jenga. Well, jenga, the classic game, us it is called simply «the tower.» The point is that you and your friends should take turns to pull out the wooden blocks and put them on the top of the tower. The trick is that with every step the tower becomes less stable. Of course the first one to flood the tower loses and begin to cuss and push.

Well, that is if you play with friends in a giant jenga? It’s a risk for life and an incredible drive. You and your friends will have to stock up on protective helmets and to produce a quick response, to avoid the large wooden beams.

You can take this game with a walk and start to play it in the Park, still warm weather. Each bar is finished with lacquer, so the game will become for you a very long time. Giant jenga is worth 19 bucks. Although you and he can build one of these. The tower consists of 56 units, the size of your choice. But don’t wait too long, you have to play it on the street.

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