Getting married!? A suitable material for marriage?

Our readers already wrote several times that we need to tell the suitability of a girl to become a wife. Apparently, the problem is really acute. Ladies want to moderate us by any means, there were cases when some are very cleverly portrayed themselves as someone they were not to deceive us, and then, after the wedding, showed his true colors.

You live a long time with one woman. Good with it, although there are some things that irritate you: for example, she takes food from your plate, slurping, she has a peculiar appearance, and the like. You wonder if she is suitable for marriage? Can grow out of them a good mother, will take care of you and your children? Very reasonable questions.

Better or worse?

First you need to perform some aspects of your life to not being in the shit after the wedding. It is emotional, sexual and financial compatibility. Here are some important questions you should ask yourself:


Your girlfriend is emotionally unstable? She gets upset every time your gaze falls on another woman, even if it’s just a short conversation with the shop assistant?

Whether you are sexually compatible? She’s «in the mood» as often as you? Or it’s prone to try new things under the sheets? Remember that love is the highest form of intimacy. If you are compatible in bed, it will have consequences in other aspects of the relationship.

You have a problem with the distribution of money? Do you have a joint monetary goals? She’s not one of those who will spend hundreds of dollars on a dress going to wear once (not to drive you crazy?). Will she ask for a fur coat every year? Or you both behave modestly, and it has only one or two dresses for each season? The differences are in the habit of managing your finances, increase the likelihood of divorce, so it’s important to find out all about sharp angles in advance.

Some of these items may seem small now, but after a few years of marriage things can change.


Some bro against marriage, they genuinely hate her, and I understand why. The problem is that for the vast, frightening, most women wedding is an important event. When she can afford sugar scrub and chocolate wrap, followed by dressing his body in a magnificent white dress in which not every looks beautiful. Girls love to feel beautiful, and the wedding is the time when you can. Girls with childhood wonder playing all of these stupid mothers and daughters, white dress wedding, handsome groom and a convertible — something that should be available to all, without which it is indecent to live, and classmate Nina, with whom she fought all his life, probably will burst with envy.

But there are girls who are wedding beer mugs do not like. Signed quietly, a glass of champagne with friends and continue to live on.

If you’re categorically against marriage in all its forms, and agree only on the stamp in the passport and fast «Federal law of so-and-so such-and-such, I now pronounce you husband and wife! Next!», make sure on one hundred percent that she supports you. She can accept those terms, but then it will pop up in any quarrels in the spirit of «You show me the dress did not want to buy it, miser!» Or will have to compromise in at least a dress and a small circle of close in the cafe, or not to marry at all. Sad, huh?

Any women to choose for marriage

The logical answer is different! Most important, to have common topics to discuss and common interests, otherwise your marriage will soon be covered with a copper basin or turn into convenient cohabitation of two people who will communicate with each other only in order to pass the ketchup or salt.

There are people who choose a mate based on whether she be a good mother, but at first glance so simple and does not say. Like I think to myself: «She is caring, sweet and tasty cooking, so she will be moving to care of the baby!» No way, man! A girl can be sweet and gentle towards you, and the child, she, for example, are not love.

My good friend Dmitry has recently confessed to me that never in my life could not marry a woman who can’t cook. He justified his position by the fact that «she’s a child to cook porridge can not, and my soup». Many guys think, «the Woman should cook.»

Choose some beautiful, some ugly, arguing, beautiful leaves, and the ugly nowhere to go, although it’s such a rare thing that I will not speak. One of my friends named Luda terrible as the worst thing that you can think of in life. It has huge pores, bulbous nose, red face, bulging eyes, a nasty voice and not the beautiful figure, but she has so many men that the precise number and she does not know. Many suffered with her, as I know. Personally, I have never in my life it would look, but I see guys my friends even asked her to marry. For 35 years she had been married three times already.

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