manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_ZUC3cL1sxTLDn6 – the number of demonic and bestial, in fact, like most of the Russian advertising. Do not argue, in some countries it’s even worse. And with years of ‘ 91, when is the «fan plant» seemed to be the blockbuster after a long time, she matured, grew up, graduated from high school. But the world is dictating its terms, and, as we have seen, too far to perfection. And if you’re planning to realize myself in this cruel, but very interesting business, here are 6 problems that you’ll have to decide when confronted with advertising. And this applies not only to TV and all its genres and types.

1. The customer is the main enemy of man

The main problem of the Russian advertising is… customer. Especially this acute pain bites into fifth advertiser that does not live in the capital and in the regions. And it’s only getting worse. It is clear that marketers in large companies do not knowingly eat their own bread and listen to your image-makers and advertisers, because they want to talk about them well. Simple, the customer need to be beautiful. And he sets a great framework, depending on their preferences. You him divine ambrosia on a silver spoon, and it’s always the same answer – horse shit on a shovel, they say, the competition is better. You tell him to make vivid advertisements that should be allocated to such slag saturated market, and it begins to drive you that nothing is clear. To do so, he decided, because he has a friend who works in an advertising Agency in St. Petersburg» and she told how, and what, in General, it is not the first day in business, and it is not necessary a fool out of him to do, he knows everything. And then the surprise: «And why such low sales? And why in the Internet all laugh at my genius is store socks? There’s also special effects! People love special effects! Probably, the operators bad shot!» In fact, because you’re an asshole and demanded collective belching is a normal project. Congratulations, enjoy!

2. To blame the power

Many countries have stupid advertising bans. Especially in Arab countries. We are somewhere near. Of course, there is nothing wrong to be at least something on a par with countries that can afford to build a city in the desert or oasis. But let me, in our country many pointless filters in the form of legislation and unwritten traditions, which to come up with an original product is very difficult. You say that smart and talented brain comes up with a gem of thought even in the most cramped conditions. I’d say that you’re right, but these gems will be very small. And the customer is not waiting, customer customize. And prohibitions, judge for yourself, pointless as children sing songs about the great love of the show «the Voice. Children.» From the fact that beer advertising is prohibited in the images of people less popular drink did not. People like drinking, and will drink – no «dry law» will not help. But advertising became very sad. Well, about the absurd limits of the municipalities and say nothing. In some cities, prohibited signs and announcements about the campaign on the main streets. However, outside of the street did not look good, but business suffered heavy losses.

But social is all the easier. Therefore, remove a fear that you want to turn off and to cry from hopelessness.

Here sits poor advertiser, compares his ideas with the law on advertising: if he has not violated what? Risk nobody likes, so you have tight. Not arguing that restrictions are needed, but in moderation.

3. How to teach

Since domestic Universities began to produce specialists in advertising and public relations, advertising agencies started to grow like mushrooms after rain. Only here it is worth noting that teach our «reklamodatel» as a rule, the former history teachers of the Soviet school. Clearly, the advertising video was only on TV when watching. Normal benefits are also not – Russian is terribly behind in its development. During Soviet times, it actually was not, was just propaganda. Therefore, the lecturers read rewritten and outdated techniques that explain the principle of the creation of advertising is quite superficial.

Now just started to appear young teachers, who seem to want to convey to young and inquiring minds sincere and correct knowledge. But the problem is that they do not know what is right. You can read a hundred books Philip Kotler, but never learn how to do advertising. Our teachers, as a rule, this approach.

Of course, students can watch online lectures, read books, attend seminars more often arrive in our protected area marketers. But not all turns out. Advertising is a living organism, it is constantly growing and evolving, and therefore it is important for them and you need to follow. But not everyone can do it. In addition, some leaving UNIVERSITY with a diploma in his bosom, thinking that everyone knows you begin actively and fruitfully to work. But then there is two problems: lack of knowledge and…

4. The saturation of the market

But the problem is that advertisers need a lot solely as sales Manager. But not everyone wants to be salespeople, to sit on the phone or to torment the potential client random messages about the proposal. All I want to do and go to open your Agency, because the demand for talented copywriter or creative small zolotoruky Russians, especially in the regions. And that a growing number of graduates number of agencies. Only the level of knowledge is low, and the means to keep a large staff, no. And sitting in a small room, a couple of people, designers, copywriters and creatives, and generally on all hands out of boredom. Only here quality advertising from this utterly low. And another competition is running out, because nobody wants to deal exclusively with PR or image formation. Everyone wants to rivet billboards and other outdoor advertising. So they go to the winds, creating masterpieces a La «the best hooker at the club the Women Ksenia». And an unhappy customer thinks: «Time Agency, so people are serious.» No, dude, better to turn to freelancers. They are more conscientious.

5. Stupidity

Here is the problem of education and scarcity thinking. Growth, which does not understand the art, not trained in the work, begins to build their own creative techniques on the basis of how she understands reinventing the principles of dramaturgy, composition, reinvent the wheel and often unsuccessful. Copywriters do not know how to build text and designers limit themselves to cram a cute model in a meaningless surroundings like furniture salon. Because advertising is an art. So your ignorance is your main disadvantage.

6. Clichés and stereotypes

We will never do is «abroad» until you get rid of cliches and stereotypes. The viewer switches from the ads, the images of mothers and Housewives or the perennially sick and dirty child is transferred from one roller to another. But the main thing – stay positive, is a film of plastic smiles. Use tampons – smile! Eat – smile! I’m sorry, fucked – smile!

A look at slogans, carry-over from one Billboard to another: «Quality of life», «Reliable protection», «Life without pain»!

Still amazed at the abundance of stars. Ancient advertisers said that if you call something like Alexander Oleshko or Svetlakov in advertising, it will attract attention. Just forgot to say how brilliant and talented he was invited the idol, he will not pull derevenko advertising, the operator or a laxative. And if the story is completely not viable, then we obtain any advertising done in this country.

But most of all advertising appeals, ostensibly, to tradition through the centuries, insisting on the deeply natural origin of the advertised product and promises endless happiness from its use. However, it is foolish to think that powdered brew did in ancient Russia. Maybe you understand it, do not argue, but the producers don’t think so, and therefore clog up the ether with yells a La «like the ancestors».

The most annoying is that these stamps are dictated by the market. You can make a reference to the first paragraph. Kind of want to create a masterpiece, and it is necessary to like everyone. Although some resigned and rivet similar to each other consumer goods, which the customer does not like it, but he, in virtue of ignorance of other options, agrees on that.

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