Get your phone!

The world situation is kind of unfriendly, however, when she was generally friendly? The situation with North Korea and South Korea makes dudes all over the world to be nervous and bite your elbows. However, we recommend that you take care of the means of survival in a future conflict.

As you know, in the event of a disaster the first thing will lose the civilized world, is electricians. And electricity is all! If cellular communication is to operate, we recommend you to pay attention to this device. Before we charge the SOSCharger, which represents something like a block with a long handle. With an USB cable you connect the device directly to your phone, laptop or tablet and begin in full force to turn. The twist should be good, man, 3-5 minutes of continuous torsion-free handles can give you 12-15 minutes of talking on the phone.

Of course, owners of phones on Android have to twist for a few minutes more. Hehe!

Also, the device has the ability to retain the energy that you are a «cheat».

SOSCharge is only a draft until he can raise enough money on Kickstarter, his incarnation cannot be considered. All the guys need 77 thousand dollars. It seems that they are even gaining.

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