Get over it: that doesn’t deserve your attention?

People like to complicate their lives. Not, of course, to say that everything is so simple that you can’t imagine, but old George Carlin was right when he said that life is not as complicated as we think. Fear has big eyes, he makes the simplest things look scary and depressing. Most worryingly, we believe some things are normal, while they represent a reason for concern and unnecessary negativity in our lives As to be seen in the things that surround us, a definite threat to our existence how to overcome them? About this today in our instructive article.

1. Frank film

Negativity can surround us everywhere. It can be negative people who are stupid twist of fate are our relatives, friends and «halves». It can be a negative situation, negative habits, negative emotions (rage, anger, dishonesty, sadness, longing, despair, and the like) and negative people. In our lives it is not the place, dude, as it was not bitter to change your social circle or habits. If you’re not in a rush to sit in that puddle that you drove life, and you yourself, have something to do.

First, whip openly negative thoughts, such as, «I’ll never find a nice girl», «I will never love», «I never get a good job,» «I’ll never learn to do anything well», «I’m shit» «I am ugly» or «I’m fat». All these thoughts in my head. Not only that, they should not be in the head, my friend, they should not be in life. They happen because someone took them for granted and some people have too little willpower. Want to find something? Look! Does not work? Still look for. It’s still not working? It means that something is wrong with you, curb requirements, and keep looking. Every day is a struggle. Sometimes it’s lazy, awkward and boring fight between two children, and sometimes it’s a real battle for life and death. Kind of need to be thankful for the difficulties they builds character.


2. People who try to belittle your skills

As a child I thought every adult a fair and appreciates my actions on the value of my efforts. But when I genuinely tried to beat the qualifying standard for the long jump with a running start, I put the three points and said I can’t jump just because of the fact that I’m not. I hopped on the four points, by the way, but the teacher was sure that with my form I can jump more, but don’t want to. The most disgusting that I really wanted, I even came to the stadium after class and jumped, until you get bored. Perhaps I would have achieved results, if not realized, that to me is not so need to beat the record for the long jump, because the five I have left. Then I was faced with the belittling of my abilities and this life will be many.

A lot of people spend money that they haven’t earned, buying things they don’t want or that they don’t need, to impress people who they don’t even know.

Not like you’re the teacher, boss, some guy left, the colleague, the father of the girl and to anyone, and all these people will seek out your flaws. You pulled from the burning house of two kids and one puppy — they will look for hidden motives of your actions. Ideally have done some work? Begin to quibble over the details.

All this is happening in order to justify their dislike of you, or the ability to humiliate a man, which is very different from the average performance. Upstarts no one likes, but often that label hung on people who differ from others in a positive way. Who wants to admit that there are people who are smarter, prettier, more attractive to women and more shakes from the breast? Actually, if you think well, this man’s opinion has absolutely no value. It does not affect you, your actions, may affect some situations. But it is in any case should not affect your self-esteem.

3. The idea of perfection

The best is the enemy of the good. Many who do not understand these words, although they are really brilliant. The pursuit of perfection always ends in devastation, because this phenomenon does not exist. Martial arts used to think that no one will ever surpass any of their great master the type of Yip man, but times change teaching techniques and fighting techniques, and it may well be that it’s the same now may be able candidate for the master of sports or any minus one Dan. What had seemed perfect, but now it seems normal academic pattern.

You can’t be the most beautiful, the strongest or the most talented person in the world, and that’s fine. Don’t pretend what is not. You’re strong as me, even if it sounds pretentious. You can’t be proud of what you did in the past, and that’s okay too. The past is not today. Be proud of who you are now, what you grew and what you learned along the way. Understand that actually you know very little, and the boundaries you have not reached because there is always room to grow and where to go next.

Give up the idea of perfection, because it prevents you to achieve greater heights, setting a ceiling above you, and simultaneously you feel the pressure of excessive load. Good is the ideal solution.

4. Materialistic aspirations

Enjoy life in General and not by the amount of things you have acquired. Understand what the problem is: people who consider happiness as the number of purchased apartments, beautiful cabinets, phones, gadgets and other gadgets, are never satisfied because they always want what’s best. Consider this situation for example with phones. I thought that having the phone in itself is happiness: you can talk with their parents, can make appointments and contact the people directly and at a distance. Therefore, the appearance in my life of the Nokia 3310, it was for me great joy. Later I thought that the phone with polyphonic ringtones — the top of engineering thought of the humanity. Then I realized that it’s much cooler phone with a camera that opens in half, showing the QWERTY keyboard layout. But there is a touch phone with a large display (yeah, we thought that 320×240 is a lot)! And then there were smartphones with touch display and all sorts of Androids. Then you should see something else: soft phones, smart phones who pass you the image directly onto the retina of the eye, a smartphone that will take you home for dinner, and much more. There is no limit to perfection, because the true peace and satisfaction — to be satisfied with what we have. You are patient, you easily relate to what is happening around you and in your life. A lot of people spend money that they haven’t earned, buying things they don’t want or that they don’t need, to impress people who they don’t even know. Don’t be one of them.

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