Get out of my head!


So I was walking down the street and out of the car came a hell of the hot air, which can distinguish the words «TRIZ-DIC refrigerator, and two fixico inside» and think, «What is this shit?». Who are the fixies, for you is no secret, but TRIZ-Dec, TV, Trac-DIC… Yes, as you can! Do not let the day and night! Moronic tune! And spinning, spinning in my head.

Motive moves again and again, stopping to focus, a distraction from work or does not sleep. No matter what song it is: some kind of crazy hip-hop or Canio’s Aria from «Clown» Leoncavallo.

Although complex songs with clever words much harder to remember. Even the Beatles felt the soil and fed the grateful public legendary easily digestible hits. Remember the era of prog-rock: nobody remembers the era of prog-rock, as musicians was to play harder and to push the composition more notes. It hit, but to hear it was just impossible.

This technique is successfully used by advertising agencies, inserting simple melodies in advertising to convey their message. The motive, which settled in our minds, we successfully pass on, and build on it in your own mind, providing a brand or product loyalty and positive associative. That is enough to paste a haunting song, to be idiotic advertising poem — and voila, everything will go according to plan.

From the point of view of science

Makarevich in the song «Closing the circle» admitted that he would like to learn the secret of simple melodies. Thanks to a study by British psychologists, we will be able to answer Andrew long interested in the question.

This effect is called «cognitive itch» or «ear worm.» This worm lives in the auditory area of the cerebral cortex, which is activated at the time of listening to music and is reactivated when you imagine the sound of some melodies in my head. This process is considered to be what is called song stuck syndrome. He is particularly characteristic of people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, nevatia; women experience it more often than men. On average, about 90% of people suffer from haunting melodies least once a week.In the research of the unhappy subjects included some game, and then turn off without warning. And what is surprising: the brain itself seemed to finish a song, scrolling through her head.

The worst thing is that if this song is stuck in my head, then it’s likely you genuinely like. The fact that the brain is recording it’s own unique set of favorite tracks, so if you’re the eighth week in a row sing the «Blue month», it is an occasion to reflect on their lives, as this wonderful track for 17 years never twist.

Well, if my head is spinning melody and the rhythm that you never would began to listen, to explain this is quite simple — Egor Krid was in your head thanks to the modern media which through advertising, Internet and an active rotation stuff every slag in your brain. To paraphrase Kurt Cobain, you can say: «Nobody will leave this life with a clear brain, the life force, «Woman, I don’t dance,» everything.»

Many songs are connected to certain memories, and to the sound of the sounded in my head, is a fairly simple Association or passage of the phrase. Accordingly, if you go every day in the bus that «I came out of the camp naked and barefoot», the song will emerge in the memory more often. The artistic value of the composition is not important, even if it’s gibberish from John having some fun Sometimes it is enough of an automobile horn, similar sounding words, or creaking doors, vaguely reminiscent of a note with a broken song that infernal hurdy-gurdy again turned on. Due to the multiple scrolling your brain knows the song, remembers every note and is even ready to break it on the solfeggio.

By the way, for those who have forgotten the legend:

But what I would like to mention. Frequently stuck song syndrome says that you’re not straining your brain. Just, your activity is not especially straining the brain, and most likely, you struggle every day to perform the same monotonous tasks, so bored minds immediately «clogged various secondary information».

On the other hand, great mental stress, for example, the active creative work or exam preparation, as well reproduce a broken record. But don’t panic sounds in my head day after day, «Everything is going according to plan» — this way your brain maintains a balance between creative and analytical activities, and maintains the performance level of the brain.

In the course of research, scientists were able to detect the standard clingy songs:

— not too complicated but not too simple;

— fresh rhythm (more preferably, to it it was possible to move);

— simple melodic line, but rhythmic;

— the song must be points, intervals, which attract attention, but don’t make a common motive more complicated.

Thus, we get the average shit with a crappy tune in the chorus. Why should be able to sing, because quite a few times to change clothes in the clip and playfully wiggling hips? And not to forget to write the name of the song in one word is even better than 2K16 to write it with the letter, not zero.


You probably already saw the list with the most songs stick. In the first place — «ulala-aromabar», known as «Bad Romance» by Lady Gaga then 2 of her songs — «alejandro» and «Poker Face». Can a girl do to sinking into the memory of the song. In addition, there was a «can’t Get You Out of My Head» Kylie Minogue (although ostentatious BL*dstvo Kylie can hardly be called art, like her voice — vocals), «don’t Stop Believing» Journey (beautiful song, which in our latitudes only remember the ones), «Somebody That I Used to Know» Gotye (song brilliant, but after she ripped all the soul in 2012, forgot about it), «Moves Like Jagger» Maroon 5, «California Gurls» Katy Perry and «Bohemian Rhapsody» Queen (which we highly doubt).

But in our latitude do not all listen to Journey and think Gaultier, a fashion designer, not a singer. So we turned to our many editors and even looked in the neighboring rooms to look out for that stick to the brain in Russia. It was difficult, but after several hours of torture, when everything ceased to show off, and act like intellectuals, looks something like this:

A-Dessa «I can’t dance.» Catchy tune, reminiscent of songs of anybody, not of a once-fashionable Turkish songs, which our residents had about enough of this pleasure — all what you need the majority of the population. The song of the dance may not dance, but these songs are better remembered, especially if you add to it is repeated over and over again quite a common phrase. But in this case it sounds retarded, even for those who like the work of Stas.

The Prophet Of San The Battle «Island». Brilliant Prophet of deaf Yartseva creates masterpieces that touch everyone’s heart. And if you fight on the spot «Ani-Ani-Ani» in the chorus you do not like the hearts you have. On Utube the song became a cult classic thanks to the active affectation on the part of the streamer. And of course, thanks to the unique charisma of San Fight. You feel like the world is on «krooi the vine».

Robbie Williams «Party Like A Russian». At the time, Prokofiev is not very pleasant for the Russian song «Russians» sting exploited, and now the same song and Robbie Williams. Don’t know who that is remembered in this song, but the author of this graphomania is only an excerpt from Prokofiev’s «Dance of the knights». A pity, because once this man sang a brilliant «Feel», and it’s been so long that it becomes creepy.

Dorn «Basmati». Here you can add any song Ivanov. Girls love (and some boys too) handsome dynamic boy, making unobtrusive, and sometimes even witty compositions.

Mikhail Shufutinsky «3 September». A great song about parting and separation, which makes year after year to pay attention to this unremarkable date. But we know that in this day Michael Zakharych was bored, and from being at the heart of unrest. It would seem that senseless rude phrase, superimposed on sad music, and listen — and good for the soul.

Igor Nikolaev «Drink for the love». «Let the past crumble with the wave of the Wharf. We will remember all the good, forget the sadness. Sped youth poor in the hazy distance of the stars and for the love of the latter, I raise a toast».

If not timely appeared in a network photo «Igor of beer», where the author and performer of the hit naked with a beer, then the youth would not pay attention to this song. But the older generation is much wiser: they like to drink and usually for love. Life song and so life-affirming.

Electric Six «Gay Bar». From Electric Six that is not the song is a gem. Take «Dance Commander». But when talking about the group mean it was «Gay bar». «Girl, I wanna take you to a gay bar» — a fine phrase, clear even for those who do not speak English. Not only that, the song touched a gay theme, is usually the target for jokes, and the music chosen is appropriate. Not to say that simple, but etched in my memory. It’s hard to find a guitarist who doesn’t know how to play «gay bar», almost no such.

Peak «Pacemaker» Yes, dumb, Yes, this song got everyone, but it is the burden of our time, and we must carry it with dignity. Klubnyak in the best tradition, but still with the same furious rhymed text: «Yoga feet on the coal, in winter, on foot of the iGO. We dance Boogie woogie to the ay-Lyuli-Lyuli» — well, that Balmont had not lived. In General, the combination of the words «pacemaker-shaker», sung with a nasal voice, dooming the song to immortality.

IOWA «Minibus». BL*dsca bus! She even sings in the verses? And where in the video about the bus in General?

As can be seen from the compilation an important role in the recognition of the motif is played, it is not strange, video. Well, hypovase works, and quite the Internet — not every song needs to sound out all cracks (talking about the bus), including the cracks of the performers themselves. Memes and bloggers do everything themselves.

Of course, it’s not the most catchy song in history, but in recent days, this shit flew in the light head.

How to get rid of the addiction

As a rule, we do not repeat the songs may not endure, but even pleasant melody, endlessly repeating, risks drive us crazy. So there must be some way to get rid of the damn records?

Variants a little, but all effective. The easiest to sing another song. But there is a possibility that after you sing your «Savior».

Another way is to listen to a song from beginning to end, so that the brain has digested all the moments and calmed down.

You can sing this song to someone else and suffer together. Although in some cases, after such transfer «relay» the song disappears.

Someone advised to chew on a cinnamon stick, or eat a slice of lemon, arguing that the receptors supposedly will turn the attention of the brain, but tell you from personal experience: to sing «Beng-Beng-Beng-Beng» with a distorted face very uncomfortable.

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