Get hooked on Pelevin: why a writer will always be relevant


The value of the book is not determined by how many people will read it. The genius of the «Mona Lisa» does not depend on how many visitors will pass it for the year. The greatest books have few readers, because reading them requires effort. But these efforts and is born aesthetic effect. Literary fast food will never give you anything like that.

Once one of the brightest writers of our time that gave us the masterpieces «Generation P», the «Yellow Arrow», «the Prince of Gosplan», «Chapaev and Emptiness» and «OMON RA», and then began to write sadness, grief and sadness in the face of the parodies of his former self like «Empire V», «Batman Apollo» and «the Love for three zuckermann», Pelevin is still in possession of minds and enjoyed almost the main owner need mentor could. And like the last masterpiece was written some time ago, and as soon as a new novel — all around begin to discuss it with enthusiasm that was not even in Anapa, when there came Putin. And by the way, then wash the asphalt Fairy, as written in the Newspapers.

So it happened this time, and on the approach to «the Lamp of Methuselah or the battle of the KGB with the masons» we decided to find out why Victor Olegovich Pelevin is so popular and does not let people even after 5 shitty books.

The image shrouded in mystery

50 percent of success depends on the way that proved to us late singer Prince. People were impressed with his outrageous views, so many could not move for a long time and under the impression forgot to hear the songs of musician. With Pelevin is another story, his creed is a mystery. In public, it does not appear that an interview does not give, and in the understanding of the masses Pelevin — the man in the dark glasses similar to the enlightened man. Here’s a humble hermit, just like they respected him and respected each 16-year-old Salinger, but only with the Russian soul.

He was not involved in politics, as Prilepin, or Oxen, he himself, in his bubble, moving along the flow curve of reality, he looks down at the world, makes notes, distorted your own perception of the world and a passion for fantasy, rotate them in hard cover and throws on the shelf. If he was on TV and gave interviews about the problems of Russia and the government every two weeks, you probably would have lost all the charm and mystery that is born out of his work. Perhaps, in this case, and his book would be quite different — like everyone else. We all don’t need such writes every second graphomaniac, tried on the shoes of writer.


In connection with this mystery even rumored that Pelevin is not human and not even a bundle of energy, and the usual gang of a ghostwriter working on the sonorous name. Even the names are known: Pokrovsky, Egazarov, Lyapunov, Emelin, Vavilov, Ivannikov, Novitsky, and a careful read open, so to speak, the truth. But classmates, classmates, MEI and literary Institute, which at one time expelled, and colleagues think otherwise, and say that there is on earth a guy like that.

It is particularly interesting to read the memoirs of the critic Victoria Sohini and colleagues, Pelevin worked in the magazine «Science and religion». Interesting to read about the «fascinated by the mystique of a genius with a nasty character, who loved to brag about the fact that he knows karate, and showed it, putting the boxes on the heads of the slender ladies.

The existence of successfully codified the writer, presumably from Chertanovo, is haunted by the press, which no end of love to produce their tabloid «Facts about the life of the famous recluse», especially after the release of new books. Tell about the love of his life, which was traumatic for him and made him a recluse, overdose… by the Way, about him.

Endless drugs

The theme of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances found in his books everywhere. What draws the people, it does not matter? Those who never used, it is interesting to see how it all happens. To try scared, it is better to look the part, damn Valery. Someone who tried, enjoyed, and knows nice to see a familiar psychedelic landscapes. There is a third — those who is impressed by lyrics guru and stands on the «path of enlightenment», without thinking about the consequences.

Everyone knows that Pelevin tried too detailed and vividly described the adventures in a beautiful fantasy. Friends say that he never hid his interest in mushrooms (of course, mushrooms), grass (plantain, sedges), and some weird brands, which put into the language (it seems to Jell better). In fact, you can safely take and to find deep in the Internet garbage the small author’s story about his acquaintance with fashion by mescaline. Is called «My mescaline trip» — the story of the complex relationship between Victor O. and peyote, which was not admitted, gave rise to more questions than answers, and even arranged Restructuring, but Pelevin still loves him.


And to be surprised: he is a strong man, very strong, looks after their health (which can be seen from the photos: here is what a handsome man, not a man, and konfeta), and pills for him function normally. Once he was close to the esoteric cults, and they have possible drug use, then he somehow joined to it. But he denies heroin and other nasty things.

In any case, people are always interesting to follow the life and work of drug addicts and alcoholics. Even prosvetlenny, and if they still describe pretentious language, I believe that the circulation is already guaranteed to be sold out. I remember, as adults uncles wrote almost scientific work on the topic of drugs in the work of the writer.

But I hasten to disappoint: in a recent interview Pelevin claims that tied drug.

With regard to alcohol and other things — I don’t drink or smoke for many years. The drugs that I regularly use is the gym and pool. When I can’t reach the pool, take a double dose of bike. I feel sorry for people who spend themselves for drugs.And in an interview with «Izvestiya» even offended for narcotic questions:

The States that I describe in the books come to me without any chemicals. If my characters take a substance, it’s just a plot device that allows me to rationally explain the occurrence of similar experiences they have. You did not ask, for example, Akunin or Marinin, how many old ladies they kill in a week — although their books criminal investigation may well decide that they are familiar with the technology of killing, or even doing his propaganda. But I somehow always ask me to use drugs or not. No, I do not drink, do not advise anyone where to buy, do not know.

Getting into the audience


Apparently, the person wrote «Generation P», understand the marketing a bit more than we think. Because by and large, Pelevin simply have managed to cover a huge amount of the population that would be interested in his product. Among his fans, but people interested in adequate, but fans of good style and interesting plot, a lot of fans Mata, drugs, and patients with unhealthy teenage non-conformism. For people with higher education, creative occupation, average income, and the same age he became the same cult-like and for fans of the substances.

His methods were counter-cultural to the soul of the lazy young people, who did not want to raise your ass and do something, because you can take the path of least resistance with more interesting content. Here and needed exploited by Pelevin in large quantities reception of the old Castaneda — comparison of fiction and reality. Much more fun to roam the forest and eat a fly agaric Vavilina Tatar than to do something unpleasant and difficult.

Florid travel between fiction and reality, as well as philosophical passages like searching for truth and found it. It is pleasant indeed to imagine that you understand a deep idea of the author. Needless to say as everyone has different understanding. All bogoizbrannosti that all understood, but few did anything. And the biggest irony of life is that Pelevin love all those whom he so derides in his books. It is their most rather than followers of Sufism and other Eastern philosophies that Viktor Olegovich clearly promotes in his books.

Beautiful and amazing world of which they had previously read, which talked about their friends-addicts, beckons, but habits and faith in the righteous life of labor not allow them to live as they do. It is better to peep through the books and movies. And by and large, this layer loves him because he makes the reader feel important. Until the pile is masterfully used humor and ironic style.In short, Viktor Olegovich has managed to cover almost all reads books of the country’s population. This is not a radical provocateur Sorokin, not a mystery Akunin, Ulitskaya with her patients topics and not the ubiquitous Park. It’s something magical and all interesting. I want to be popular — write mystical narcotic absurd on the topic of the day, but write beautifully.

Ruthless postmodernism

Another layer of fans Pelevin is a postmodernist. Don’t know whether we’ll live ever before the time when postmodernism will cease to be a cult. How many more must be hardware so the concept of «post» has worn off? We will die, and people over the grave will be discussing the latest postmodern creation of the next young writer. And all because the winning theme. Postmodernism always makes the plot more interesting and attractive.

Man in glasses with short hair and a face like a bulldozer, very successfully borrows postmodern techniques, using them for their own selfish purposes. He glues the cultural mosaic of fact, mocking her somehow. He brings in mythology, spirituality — you name it, rebuilds the cultural images that live in the mass consciousness. But you need to remember that it’s always a parody, and not have to grab crap delicate splashes of magical realism the image — it is the author’s fiction, not truth. This way companies are valuable not only literature, but as a precise, caustic and did not mask portrait of reality, and smart people, which include readers you should understand this.

Composition and irony

What have really good prices, so it is its sense of humor. Not even the best novels are different high-octane irony that reeks all around like a Pudge hook. Even the little things like the casting for the role of prostitutes in a brothel where a young Caryatid standing on one leg singing the song of Tatu «Yugoslavia» (not the most brilliant «5P»), or that story where a dog Fucking five feet, which Wake up from sleep, and come… well, you understand. Humor and sharp phrase Pelevin, even swear words — that’s what attracts the lion’s share of his readers. How not to love him for it:

The journal was of little interest, because its main content was the Mat, the amount of which was made boring (although expressions like «get the fuck away from me for three fucking» or «fuck you Dicks, and there perish» pleasantly surprised, prompting hope that the Russian people have not said the last word in history).That is mastery of irony allows him to come up with such memorable titles as «Chapaev and emptiness», «Farewell songs of political pygmies of Pindostan», «Lamp of Methuselah, or Extreme battle security officers with the masons». A normal person in the lives of such beauty and madness you can imagine.

But this is absurd, denounced the humor wouldn’t be so effective without the beautiful composition, masterfully wielding writer. Even swearing in the pages of sounds non-trivial. And it’s not from the supernatural, just a man knows how to write well and beautifully.

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