Get dressed and look like a biker

To be a biker — it’s cool. Even the creators of «South Park» called them «Pindos», they are wrong (something tells me that once the creators of «South Park» beat the dudes on the wheels). Bikers, in all their varieties — a sort of men’s club, is sometimes associated with the underworld, but often just a club of dudes and girlfriends who love speed, cool clothes and leather hurtling down the road. At the moment bikers are not the richest and most widespread subculture in which there are those who rides only on the weekends, and those who lived it. Biker clothes and clothes that are made in their style now, they say, at the peak of popularity. Because we are criticized for the small number of articles about fashion for dudes, we correct this omission.


1. Jacket


In General, to create the impression that you like this specific dude, who might have a bike, you can use the jacket. Jacket is an important part of your appearance. First, understand that the jacket is actually important, it’s stylish, it determines your appearance and silhouette (optionally smooths it or hide flaws). Nice jacket if it suits you, gives your appearance expensive, even if it costs pennies. To look stylish and beautiful, I advise you to splurge and buy a leather jacket. I know that the window is winter, but there are leather jackets that are warm enough! Significant advantages of the skin: it is hygienic, resistant to abrasion, looks better than any leatherette and can withstand any temperature changes. You know, man, whatever you say on TV, and that would not have written animal welfare advocates, none of the leatherette can not withstand extremes of temperatures and very cold winter. The chance that it will crack at the most inopportune moment, is very high.

You can take a standard jacket to the waist, the jacket covers the butt, here is a short coat. See below there was all sorts of rivets, straps and other details: this will give your image a special charm. But if you overdo it, will remind the security officer, although sometimes that’s cool too.

You can do woven jacket. It is cheaper and can also look cool. More details, no stripes and a light hint of grunge, these jackets personally, I’ve seen a lot. See that they were warm: onion onion, and the eggs must be kept warm. By the way, friend, pay attention to the functional part of the jacket: it is waterproof and had a hood, and then winter will be cold.

2. Outerwear


When David Beckham revived a Moto, driving down the street on a motorcycle in leather pants, jacket and… white t-shirt. In General, the combination of leather jacket and white t-shirts are very stylish solution that looks cool. It works in that case, if you don’t have weird huge of paunch, which must be removed.

If you still have a belly and you want to get closer to the typical image of the biker (swapped gray-haired man with a paunch in a leather vest, a scarf, headdresses and «Harley»), then you will approach the good old plaid shirt. Hell, how desperate her praise and criticize, but the fact remains: this is the garment that is suitable for any occasion. God bless the one who invented it. You can wear it at work, and after work can roll up their sleeves and go to look for women in clubs and bars.

3. Pants


If you’re extreme enough, you can pull the leather pants. It looks cool, makes you even more like a biker and allows your butt not to much rubbing. If you decide to take the leather pants, bear in mind that they should normally sit on his knees to be a little thicker. If there’s a zombie Apocalypse, you need not worry because you will RUB your knees.

If you think that Luka would look like an old pervert Mr. masochist of the well-known cartoon, you’re on to something. So we offer you a worthy alternative to the usual blue jeans. You fading, but you can no. Perfect solution!

4. Shoes


Next to the jacket, the shoes — an important accessory to achieve the right look. If you don’t want to tuck jeans into boots, as do young nonconformists and various suspicious characters, you want the right. Although some incorrect Association wear boots did not interfere. So I suggest you leather shoes with thick soles covered with protectors. Importantly, the shoes were ugly and looked stylish, functional and did not cause additional associations.

5. Personal care

Remember that to complete the image you should be properly trimmed. And beard (if any) is also a concern. Unkempt hair will not give your mind the pros and will make you morose. If facial hair is too long — need to trim a long beard does not mean a good beard! Will remind you of this cool American hipster.

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