Get a hold of yourself, bitch

manygoodtips.com_20.09.2014_EApR1y5UhRA2YWhen you realize that screwed up or what your life is going according to plan, you say: «I was created by God/parents». If your life is good, you certainly noticed: «I did this life, I’ve been working on it». Many years passed, but you still don’t understand that your main enemy is yourself, not the circumstances and surrounding.

You’ll be a victim or a winner — it all depends on you. To understand this simple truth prevents you lack of self-control and common logic. You blame all others, because you can’t control your emotions, you need to blame someone else to divert suspicion from himself. You have to understand that to have the best life you can is only through self-control.

The power of self-control is one of the great qualities which distinguish man from the animals. Let’s dig a little deeper and figure out what we’re dealing with.

1. Why do you have to pay attention to it

You look with envy at the success of another and regret the fact that you don’t have the same. Why are you jealous and spend time on it? If you want the same then do something for this. Get a hold of yourself and try not to slow down your development process. You can’t click to learn how to do something or to give up in an instant from something.

Ahead of you time-consuming work, so you’ll have to develop self control. You can’t abandon the cherished goal already on the way to it. So work on yourself. Then he will feel guilty. But it will be too late.

2. How to develop

To develop self-control you can just as you develop muscle at the gym. You need regular work and to perform certain exercises. Start small and move to larger. You have to transcend themselves, but the result is worth it.

Read an interesting book, which has long been abandoned, quickly get out of bed in the first seconds of waking, but don’t just lie in it for another forty minutes walk from work and not to be tempted by a trip in the car, try to speak more quietly and use a pleasant tone in conversation with a man who infuriates you. These simple regular exercise will help you a lot to work on self-control. You’re not going to freak out on important meeting and you won’t be reprimanded.

3. What influence on you

If you work in a closed office or at work in the air an unpleasant atmosphere, you always feel irritated. Are you going to take it out on people in the bus or in the queue, to pay attention to even the slightest irritant. A woman sits next to you and plays in your tablet, which methodically emits sounds? You go near her for at least another hour, and you forgot your headphones at home? Why isn’t she smart enough to turn off the sound on your unit?! Imagine how it annoys you. And you can’t do with tranquil views to stare out the window and notice what happens.

Although, perhaps, this situation brings out any… But if you work on yourself, you probably will be able safely and properly to ask a person will get rid of the irritating sound. Otherwise, you’ll just grab the tablet from his hands and break it on her head. After that, your friend is clearly not be proud of you.

4. What to change

Try maximum to detach and ignore external stimuli. Never forget your headphones at home! They’ll come in handy not only in public transport, but also at work. If your office is the person who’s talking on the phone incessantly, and unfunny jokes, and then hangs an awkward silence, you’ll be able to save you favorite music. And smash a chair over the head of that infuriating type — not the best solution.

If a friend gave another tantrum, ignore it won’t help, but rather, will put your existence into doubt, because you’re even more angry that hysterical. Try to calm her down. In most cases, a simple hug works best. When she calms down, you will need to vent somewhere aggression. We do not advise to sit down for a computer game. That bitch pissed you off? Well, it’s time to pay her back. How about the belt? For her it’s a game, but for you the real way to release negative emotions and fun.

Work on your control and not give in to provocations — it will definitely help you to live the next seventy years.

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