German sausages

The only food in Germany, which immediately comes to mind to everyone bro, always be pork knuckle and sausages with cabbage. In fact, it’s almost all German cuisine, because the other one is interested. Only here German sausages, man, more than 1500 kinds on all occasions. Because there is no better beer food than German sausages (don’t argue!), today we will tell you about them

Vienna sausage

Their German name is Wiener. These sausages are usually served boiled. Despite the name, this is not Austrian food, and German. In a traditional Viennese sausages, 91 per cent of pork is a must. Beef cooked with bacon, spices and ice, it makes sausages especially tender. Correct, the true German way of cooking sausages is to boil them, and pour on boiling water, 5 minutes and cover with lid. In Germany, there is quite a sweet tradition: if the buyer together with the child, the child is supposed to give Vienna sausage. So they are called children.



This is also a sausage. She is a half-pork and half-beef sausage. They are not cooked; instead, the true German brings water to a boil, reduce the fire to a minimum, puts bockwurst and cook for 15 minutes over low heat making sure water didn’t start boiling. Shelf life of such sausages is 3 days. Well, as the shelf life, period of use, after that they lose their flavor and turn into just a sausage.

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Bratwurst — sausage that is fried. Sometimes they are sold raw, and sometimes already cooked, but proper bratwurst is that the raw. It resembles the intestine with the stuffing inside. At first glance, not very appetizing, but it’s worth it. Sausages fried, pre-spraying with boiling water, if they are raw. Appeared during roasting, pierce the bubbles with a fork.

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Sausages with curry powder. Curry connects with the tomato paste and pour this mixture into sausages. Lends itself to the dish along with potatoes and bread. Considered a traditional German food, although appeared relatively recently — after the Second World war. Workers, vosstanavlivaya German city, had dinner, had Breakfast and dinner in the stalls that served food. Since then, sausages, curry became the «people’s food».

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Weiswurst .

«White sausage» — this is the exact translation from German. They are made from veal and pork mixed with crushed ice. The stuffing be sure to put the chopped fresh parsley. Cooked sausages as well as bratwurst — not-boiling water. Sometimes add white wine or vinegar. Served only with sweet mustard.

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But what about sausages without the traditional cabbage? To do it properly!

Then, for a full evening of beer, good sausages and loved you will need:

— 1/2 kg of sauerkraut (squeeze out juice have to).

— 1/2 l of water.

— 1 onion, diced.

— 1 large raw potato, grated.

— 1 clove of garlic.

— 3 tbsp vegetable oil.

— black pepper.

— 1 Bay leaf.

— salt, pepper to taste.

Fry until Golden brown onions. Put the cabbage, pepper it, salt, Bay leaf on top. All this fill with water and stew for about half an hour under the hood.

Then remove the lid, pour back potatoes, pour water and simmer for another half hour until full evaporation of the liquid.

Here’s a traditional German meal *there must be some German words*.

German food1332739227

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