German fined for incorrectly parked a snow sculpture of a car.

snow car1102674393

Yeah, man, sometimes the wonders of the law are staggering. Or rather what do Western guardians of order and morality. In the German city of Aachen the traffic inspectors have fined a car made of snow, which was a complete copy of the Volkswagen Beetle out of snow. The police mistook the car with something else, they considered that if something interferes with the passage, it is necessary to fine, but they left a receipt right on the windshield of the car.

Nobody knows who made this car. Witnesses say the car appeared in the night. It was done in such detail that most people considered her to be covered with snow beetle. When inspectors have started to remove the snow, only then revealed the truth.

Who will pay, and it is not clear, but I think that the car just disappears as it appeared — late last night.

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