German cows blew up a barn

manygoodtips.com_29.01.2014_IsM8bpWF6wfNTYes, this news is the best news of the week (unless, of course, on Friday nothing will happen). Cows are funny animals and useful, smelly, however, and cranky, but that’s not the point. Cows also for animals and people too, so it’s no surprise that they do such humane things, like farting.

In the town of Hesse, in Germany, there are numerous dairy farms. In one of these farms one of Herr and Frau kept 90 cows, which were actively consumed hay, and actively spoil the air. The room was completely clogged (winter, after all), the Windows and doors were closed long enough, so there were a lot of waste products of cows, such as methane. Belching and flatulence will definitely not lead to anything good, a spark due to faulty wiring caught on fire a record number of hazardous gas in storage, the roof of the building flew off, just in American cartoons. The cow escaped with only slight shock and burns.

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