German bestiality rebel against a brutal new law


Michael Tuft and his sissy. They have a long relationship full of love, assures us Michael, the only problem is that Michael man and sissy dog. While your Breakfast is leaving you, note that now not just gays trying to fight for their right to not be like everyone else.» Now this thing came from «animal lovers».

The fact that recently the upper house of the German Parliament-the Bundesrat has signed a law prohibiting any immoral acts with animals. We don’t know how these strange Germans, it was «love for our younger brothers» before, but now, for the act of such love, or jailed, or pay a fine of up to € 25.000.

Of course, active European bestiality were not able to pull the state of such discrimination of their rights. They gathered last Friday right in the heart of Berlin together with their pupils. The Chairman of the meeting freaks are Michael Lock and his good-natured labradorica sissy. Poor dog. Bestiality actively shout about the purity of their love, they are different from other Germans who do the boring traditional Affairs, and, of course, they all promise to challenge the new law in the high court.

Forgotten German bestiality only one thing: on the other side they are not less drunk and stubborn German organization for the protection of animals ZETA that just will not back down. Waiting for the great battle, stocking up on popcorn.

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