George Martin, who does not live in Westeros

Writers there is a great variety, I like to use the analogy of architects and gardeners.

There are writers-architects, all of them-all plan, everything is scheduled and before it is hammered the first nail they know what will be like a house with a dressing room, where pipes will be laid, and all this architect engraved on the Board long before any of the work.

And gardeners, dig a hole and lay in it the seed, watered with his blood and watching to see what will grow, whatever form it was not accepted. They know what seed they nurture – oak or elm, horror story or science fiction, but they don’t know how big it will grow or what form it will take.

I’m more of a gardener than an architect.This story began long before Aegon Targaryen with three dragons have invaded the Kingdom of the andals, the vandals and the first men. Even before the children of the Forest, having tasted the magic of herbs, selling apartments and their children, joined in unity with nature. Then, in 1948, the whole world went just one fictional world for communism, where everyone is equal and all is well. The leaders of the socialist countries he had been dreading his arrival, and now I can hardly Kolya Gerasimov from the «guest from the future» will arrive in the year 2084 in the communism, rather, another dystopia.

Although by the time John Tolkien wrote the first two volumes of Lord of the rings, but not yet published. A fictional world which is still, for the Grey Harbour my dream is to get the trps. People have always wanted to run away from the oppressive and monotonous reality. Perhaps that is why were created Narnia, middle earth and Hogwarts, because there is where the magic, a dash of childhood, and therefore better. Only to create such a world turns out not at all. Our hero turned, it is no wonder it is referred to as the «American Tolkien». His world is striking in scope and detail. But if «a Song of ice and fire» read by many, and the series «Game of thrones» was watched more than most, something about the author, few know that, in our opinion, unacceptable. And how can you miss the person that created a fantasy world with prostitutes, incest, murder, swearing and naked Boobs? Unforgivable stupidity.

As already mentioned, the world saw Martin in 1948, in Bayonne, new Jersey (not in Dorne or Winterfell, as many people think), he has a beard and a cap. The hero of the occasion – his father was Raymond Collins Martin, a devout Roman Catholic and an avid porter clearly had no idea that in the future the son, the hope and support of the family, will become a complete agnostic, and to earn a living would be worthless work, not by honest labor. His idea of writing is not even a profession. Something from the category of «compose Their stories at night and during the day, please deal with the case». Because love for writing, the young George was already. Martin wrote and recorded the extremely topical stories and sold them to his friends, and used the money to buy sweets, which formed the outlines of his figures that has survived to the present day. It was a good tool, because the family was poor, and besides, George’s family had two sons – the younger sister of the writer. And all from a love of reading. Passion for literature was cultivated from his childhood. At first he only read comics in 10 years, Martin receives a gift for the birthday of my first real book «Have space suit – ready to travel» by Robert Heinlein. Since then, he begins to abandon the comic in favor of the book, preferring first fiction. A few years later he read Howard, Lovecraft, Heinlein, Tolkien, and Lovecraft will long remain his favorite writers. Martin often said, «We write what we read». In fact, so in his works there is an adequate mix of fantasy and horror. But the most striking literary shock was Tolkien.

When I read Howard, I thought: the day will come and I can’t write worse than he is. But over the pages of the novel of Tolkien, I fell into despair. Never fail to do is to approach not be able! And although I write fantasy, my books on style has remained much closer to Howard than to Tolkien.About this time he writes a story about a Prince exiled Rare, which is sent to the Dothraki Empire to fight the demons that killed his grandfather Barristan Brave. Familiar names, isn’t it? They will appear later. Martin always said, «In his prose, as in real life, I will never throw away.»

Meanwhile, Martin was growing more Mature. And where there is a senior American boy enjoys writing? First, of course, to University where he studied for his bachelor and master of journalism. And then? Of course, in the army, especially just in the middle there was the Vietnam war. But Martin did not want to die under the guise of a deeply pacifist beliefs, he passed the alternative service. It was during this period Martin was first published in this magazine. Among the many stories sent in «Galaxy Science Fiction», editor Gardner Dasua encounters the «Hero» and recommends it to the chief editor of the magazine. As a result, in February «Galaxy» for 1971 goes the first story of the series «a Thousand worlds», which is developing the Martin few years to write your first novel and many short stories. It was a real victory, because all previous attempts to publish have led to the gentle, and sometimes not very bounce. Martin is generally considered not particularly talented. Any classmates who could not stand his stories or the editors. He was trying to get to publish fanzines and even wrote one more or less popular, but what is a fanzine, and what a literary magazine is like comparing a Wall of Tsoi and the Western Wall. Most recently, he received 42 rejection for one story, and now published – it was a triumph.

Together with the writer Lisa Tuttle in 1973-1974 he was working on the General story «the Storm in the Harbour of the Winds» (1975), which was later converted into a novel «Harbor Winds» (1981). Writer Duo planned two joint novel, but not developed.

When we wrote books, then came up with the dwarf – ruler of one of the Islands. He had to be the ugliest man in the world, but the smartest too. This idea is permanently stuck in my head and immediately remembered when I started writing «Game of thrones». So it was Tyrion Lannister.

In 1975, Martin gets the first significant award, the Hugo award for the Novella «Song of Leah». Finally triumph. A famous writer he did not, but his stories are regularly nominated for various awards in the fantasy genre (and often win).

In fact, writing great Martin is simply not enough time. Writing, as before, remained fun. He then worked as a compiler of chess tournaments, got a job in a women’s Catholic College teacher of journalism (Dodger). He also taught literature in the English Department and taught a course on science fiction. But time for creativity lacked. Except on vacation. Anyway life went wrong. Especially personal. In the early 70’s it was typical of the offended women gentle and after a series of «accidents cupids» written, as usual, his first novel, «Dying world». Fools delight amorous mount with a razor blade, normal people – thoughtful Masturbation, and highly creative – creation and encouraging.

In ’75 he married to divorce’ 79, As they say, a good deal not be called marriage, and Martin described his family’s experience these exact words (a writer after all):

The wedding was great, marriage not so much.

And, as usual, to important life decisions, pushing us tragedy. It happened with Martin. To devote himself entirely to the business of life made him the tragic death of his friend Tom Rimi at the end of 1977.

Tom died of a heart attack just a few months after receiving the award (prize of the John Campbell best new writer) – it is found leaning on a typewriter, on which he managed to score 7 pages of a new product. Suddenly, Tom’s death has deeply saddened me. I didn’t want to die in 10 or 20 years and lamenting before his death, and told all the stories that were going.

He just didn’t hold. With his wife, they were divorced, he quit. Small popularity in the narrow circles he did, so the chances of success were. He settled in Santa Fe, where he became close friends with another legendary science fiction writer Roger Zelazny, who began to drag a fat man in a secular outs and to connect with editors and publishers, evening writing their no less religious fantasies about «City of ember». Martin still Zelazny grateful for the support and as soon as it comes about it, from the mouth of Martin begin to pour such praise and kind words will not hear out of his mouth, the crafty hero of the little finger. Only praise is really sincere.

I have never regretted my decision to move and don’t write sad stories about unrequited love, as it was in the 70’s. you can write About this only when your heart is broken.Actually, the way Martin and became Martin. His literature became the well-known poignant realistic language, which is written in his works. And whiny novels for sad boys and true in the past. Life returned to normal in the 80s, as the career of David Bowie. He married a second time, or rather, have registered their relationship they only in 2011, after living 30 years together. But marriages are made in heaven.

In 1980, the big triumph – Martin gets two Hugo award at once.

I remember very well this evening in Boston. I won the award for «the Way of cross and dragon» for best short story and just sat back as declared that I had won one for the story «Sand kings». This impression, which has received a few, and it is unlikely it will happen again. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

Then career went downhill. In 1983 he published the novel «blood is not water», which, according to knowledgeable conditions, can be considered one of the best stories about vampires. However, came an ambitious novel «The Armageddon Rag» which nearly ruined his career. The experiment failed, and the editors even began to suspect that Martin has slipped. Publishers refused to publish the next novel by Martin, but when a writer writes, he does not eat.

And in that moment, when the smell of failure, the arena is the producer who buys the film rights of the novel, but, alas, the movie never was filmed. However, Martin has found a friend who invited him to Hollywood.

I couldn’t publish any more books, nobody wanted to buy the next novel I would write: one door in front of me closed and the other opened in Hollywood. So I became a scriptwriter.

Scenario – is that part of Martin’s life that has received very little attention. And it was the script was finally filled his hand with confidence and taught him a little secret – how to write a script that will conquer all that helped him in the future.

The bearded man worked on the iconic «Twilight zone», and one of the first written by Martin episodes is getting a screen adaptation of the Roger Zelazny story «the Last defender of Camelot». Since 1987 he has been involved in the development of the incredibly popular series of the time – «beauty and the beast», and a year later became a producer and one of the screenwriters of this project. All breath was taken away and prepared for the appearance of Martin the producer. But his TV series «Portals» has completely failed, and hurt Martin decided to open the box with the drafts and return to great literature. By the way, even years later, the series is simply impossible to watch.

Disappointed in Hollywood, our hero decides to thoroughly take for the cycle «a Thousand worlds», who wrote in his free time. But instead of the fantastic drivel about mythical creatures with a touch of Thriller came to light that after is called «a Song of ice and fire». It was in 1993. The first book was published in 1996. Since that time, to the extent known, the writer becomes a living deity. What happened next we all know. Martin simultaneously working on a version that is slightly different from the book. Maybe that’s why the characters in the film are adequately old?

By the way, this is not the only case of Martin. With his friends-writers in Santa Fe he is extremely fond of Board and role-playing games, and game – «Supermin» about Martin favorite superheroes:

Almost half of the players from our group were professional writers, so they created well-developed characters, and I, as the Master of the game, created more characters than anyone else. Half of the year we played this game, putting in all of our creativity.

Later it was decided that the game ideas could become the basis for a series of books; Martin drew other familiar writers, and in the period from 1987 to 1995, the 15 volumes of the series «Wild cards». Martin acted as editor, and occasionally wrote their own history. Most of the time he was busy with work in Hollywood and «Wild card» is the only thing that stood out during that time under his name.

Another passion of the writer club «new York Giants», for which he is ready to resurrect all the murdered characters. By the way, some of his characters he named after the players favorite club. For example, the giant Wun-Wun is a reference to Phil Simms, quaterback club New York Giants fan which is Martin. Simms is fixed room 11 – it can be read as «one to one» one-one that is consonant with wun wun; Giants are the «giants».

The world now breathlessly waiting for the next season of the series and the release of new books. People are confused, especially those who compare the book with the series. And what is most offensive – the disturbing murmurings about that, «Martin rolled» is growing stronger. But actually this is not the plot devolved into a stinking hell, we just praytimes the Starks and other actors. So we wish him luck, all the while knowing he doesn’t write a single line, and is played with miniatures of medieval knights who collects, plays with your favorite kittens and countless trying on their caps. And that’s what Martin himself says about this waiting:

My publishers, HBO, and readers want the next book. But no one wants it more than me. When I bend under this pressure, I remind myself that I am to be judged by the books. If they will be read 50 years from now, nobody will say that the advantage of the book is that it came on time. Will evaluate the content.We can’t disagree. Just 67 years of age serious, I would like to see the logical end of the series.

Martin is a writer. In an interview, he said deployed and ornate, as befitting a writer. He is a real writer. And rumor has it that he is a good guy, which annoys his glory. Especially a selfie with fans.

If I only could, clapping his hands, to burn all the camera phones around the world, I swear I’d do it!His world, where the characters are crap and stink, love and betray, with shaped Lavrovsky demonism made him famous. While many people find the book extremely tedious. Many will say that the fame produced TV series, although would not be a popular book – no one filmed it. In any case, the script of the series the author himself writes, so that the world zombie Tyrion Lannister, and the White Walkers twice on the conscience of the author. Tolkien he is not, impossible to compare them. But, I think, to read old novels would be extremely useful. In any case, it would be nice.

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