George Lucas. A man who invented a whole Universe

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2014_u39MU5VEVGdKS«Long ago, in a galaxy far far away…»

You probably at least once in my life had to hear Those words. For fans of the popular space Saga, this phrase sounds like a spell, in fact it means the beginning of the film. George Lucas was the writer and Director, once decided to realize his insane idea. If you have a problem, how was the thorny path to stars and what is the fate of «Star Wars», this article is for you.

George was born in 1944 in Modesto, California. In high school he was into drag-racing, but a student got into a terrible car accident that changed his life. First, Lucas lost all interest in racing, and secondly, it is believed that after the accident came to him the first images of the star wars Universe. Anyway, since then, the young Director began work on the script for «Star Wars». Tatooine, Bespin, Yoda, Obi-WAN, R2D2 — all the names of the planets and the names are not accidental, Lucas took them from the usual life and was carefully recorded in your notebook.

It is worth noting that George’s career began a little earlier — as a student at the University of southern California (USC), he took the film «Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138:4EB», received the award at the National student film festival and becoming the assistant of Francis Ford Coppola. Together they opened a Studio American Zoetrope releasing a full-length version of «THX 1138», and just a year later, in 1971, George has created his own Studio called «Lucasfilm».

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2014_9FEsjrGNz0Vx2A second feature film, Lucas was the Comedy «American graffiti.» The tape was nominated in 5 categories for «Oscar» and received the award «Golden globe» in the category of «best youth musical or Comedy». Besides, after the movie was released, George himself became a millionaire.

On the eve of the filming of «Star wars», directed and organized the company «Industrial Light & Magic, specializing in special effects and computer graphics. Later ITL received the «Oscar» for his work on the film «Forrest Gump» (1994).

Everything was ready for a new project — in 1976, began shooting the first film of the Saga titled «a New hope». Among the actors were like celebrities like Harrison Ford (Han Solo), and young talent — mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carie Fisher (Princess Leia). Despite great technical difficulties, and in 1977 was installed prior version of the film. Among the friends of George all but Steven Spielberg called the film is very strange and does not believe in its success. However, the premiere of «Star wars» was held on 25 may this year, the «Chinese theatre». Breaking the record of box office, the film received 6 Academy awards and made celebrities as the main characters, and the Lucas. Symbolically, for «a New hope», he has not received honorarium as a Director, but all rights to the characters and their further use are left behind George. Subsequently, it brought him a huge income. filming of the movies of the Saga has been beset by problems in connection with the differences of cast and crew, excessive fan interest and even accidents. But the film «the Empire strikes back» (1980) and «return of the Jedi (1983) was released, the success of the trilogy has grown exponentially. However, Lucas was not a Director of such films, it was filmed only a few episodes and was the author of the script. By the way, in the story George is confused all the actors — for example, in the original version of the ending of the 5th episode Darth Vader said, «Luke, Kenobi killed your father». But for a few moments before the shooting, Lucas said Brand Hemmila secret interchanges. The voice of Vader was imposed before the final release of the film, and there was a popular phrase: «Luke, I am your father»!

By the way, David Prosom (the actor who played the role of Darth Vader), Lucas didn’t get along. As already mentioned, the voice acting of the film was replaced by his voice, David found out about it directly on the premiere. Key scenes of the trilogy in which Luke saw his father’s face, in a closed pavilion shot himself, George Lucas. But it was not the face of Prose, specifically for the role were invited Sebastian Shaw appeared in the end of the movie as ghosts. «The icing on the cake of injustice» to the native costume of Darth Vader is that David is forbidden to appear at events dedicated to «Star Wars». As you can see, it is very annoying Lucas. the famous «run» of credits at the beginning of the film, Lucas had to leave the Directors Guild, writers Guild and Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences. In the early 80s, he announced that he no longer needed to work to be secured. However, George was responsible for the production of various projects, participated in the creation of the character Indiana Jones (his image on the screen embodied fell in love with Harrison Ford). In 1986, Lucas has acted as producer of the film «Howard the duck», the tape was considered a failure by critics and won the award «Golden raspberry» (the hero duck can be seen in the continuation of the acclaimed blockbuster «Guardians of the Galaxy»).

1997, the anniversary of the premiere of «New hope» trilogy, «Star Wars» modernized special effects and again be allowed to hire. And in 1999 appeared on the screens the film «Star wars. Episode 1: the phantom menace» — this was the beginning of a new era for fans of the Universe. «Lucasfilm» under the guidance of George worked on the release of the prequel to the story, filmed in the first three films. And a new trilogy was excellent not only from the standpoint of special effects and novelty (the second and third episode dated 2002 and 2005), but excellent acting Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, and many others. Then came the animated feature and animated series (2008), and the later episode «the phantom menace» was released in 3D. Company «Lucasarts» released about a hundred of video games, published thousands of comics and books, filmed a huge number of fan video about the Star wars Universe. shooting the 7th episode, which deals with the Walt Disney Studio (in 2012 Lucas sold his company to her). According to rumors, in the new movie we are waiting for the old heroes with the allusion in the original trilogy. George Lucas is still working with «Walt Disney», because, as says the Director: «I don’t want someone’s used the brand «Star wars», releasing some shit!»

Today the winner of the Stanley Kubrick excellence in film is one of the richest Directors of Hollywood. Competition for Lucas is the aforementioned Steven Spielberg, the status of each is estimated at above 2 billion dollars.

Recommend to watch the Saga «Star wars» in the following order:

  1. Episode 4: a New hope»
  2. Episode 5: «the Empire strikes back»
  3. Episode 6: «return of the Jedi»
  4. Episode 1: the phantom menace
  5. Episode 2: «attack of the clones»
  6. Episode 3: revenge of the Sith»

But if you’ve already seen all the parts, arrange a joint show with his girlfriend. Because the girl appreciated the «Star wars» automatically becomes more attractive. Pleasant viewing!

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