George Clooney paid German dinner

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As you probably know from our lessons of courage, man, a real man should be magnanimous, generous and polite. And to do it in a way that nobody on his neck sat down.

George Clooney can certainly be thought so bro here after that incident.

Once on Friday, January 25, a German businessman, had dinner in a German restaurant. When it came time to pay the bill, the waiter told him that there is no reason for concern, because it is already paid George Clooney. The German was very surprised, even sent a card to the actor, to make sure it’s not a joke. But no. Generous womanizer Clooney decided to apologize to the Germans for what kept him there. Clooney came to the restaurant with friends and the waiter thought they were a bit too noisy. Not to feel guilty, the actor paid the bill of the businessman, who, incidentally, was only 100 euros. George Clooney is definitely not poorer.

German Clooney in General is learned, but the company’s presence near his table felt. According to the Berlin businessman, Clooney and his friends behaved very decently. By the way, any-after you’ve paid for it, Clooney would have said the same thing.

The actor himself is in Berlin making a film of Monumental men» («The Monuments Men), where he performs as an actor, Director, screenwriter and producer. Clooney once again shakes the old man so that he is fit to play in the third «Expendables».

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