George Carlin — the evil and the good man in black


George Carlin I know many dudes . If not by name then by sight exactly recognize it thanks to social networks. Sometimes, asking someone: «How are you George Carlin?», a common reaction: «who is this?». And then you remember: «Oh, that evil man in black?». In fact, Carlin became famous for his life. And he burned with Napalm until the very end — well done, in short.

In fact, Carlin — Irish, despite the fact that he was born in new York. All the ancestors Carlin — hereditary Irish, you could say he is typical of them, although very unusual, here it is.


His career man began work at the radio station. His career was rapid, and all because Carlin didn’t hesitate. Despite the fact that he despised America, it is quite normal attitude towards gays, minorities and women. Perhaps, the major role was played by the fascination with movement, hippies and the like?

After radio Karlin moved to television and had some success, his star appeared on the walk of fame. His first stand-UPS Carlin did in the genre of puns, observations that were thinner observations Zadornov, and talk for life. But a little later, Carlin launched a brutal scathing satire against America and all across the environment. After the seventies jokes and speeches Carlin consisted entirely of cynical remarks urgent problems: religion, education, feminism, politics, life and death. Performances of George Carlin nineties is a real lecture from a critical perception of traditional values. They really have to watch everyone because Carlin is quite skillfully stebetsya over by eternal values such as religion, children, family, morality and much more. Karlin is quite rightly questioned these things. Why? Yes, because, dude, not all children really beautiful and smart, not all religions are good and that the Institute of religion necessary for human society as air, is also highly questionable, not every green is a sincere concern about the future of children and pure altruism. And in General, everything should be treated with patience.


In 2005, Carline was treated from drug addiction, and a year later played again at all, it was a wild workaholic. Despite his fierce hatred, intolerance, absurd and violent temper and the fact that Carlin was rude not to one one who has power, George exorbitant amount of any award for contribution to humor, and why? Because it’s awesome dude!


This guy really knows how to think critically, in our time, this is a very useful trait — you can say that this is the only trait that can make a man a complete person.


For contribution to American culture Carlin gave the award the name of Mark TWAIN. Four days before death. The man joked and burned with Napalm all my life. And slid into a dullness that important!

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