George Bernard Shaw playwright George Bernard Shaw gave to the world more than 60 plays and reviews written by him in the course of life. His talent was duly awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 1925 and an Oscar. The show is the second largest (after Shakespeare) playwright in the English theater, and now it is hard to believe that for many years his works were rejected, and ten editions were closing doors to the future great writer, a novelist and playwright. But nevertheless it is so.

I thought losing friends in quarrels, and they just dissolve in time.George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin (Ireland), July 26, 1856. He was the third and youngest child in the family of a grain merchant and a professional singer. The mother was able to instill in Bernard from the earliest years the love and respect for the world of art, music and literature. They often attended performances, conducted regular visits to the National gallery of Ireland, also a boy, was present in almost all speeches of the mother in the Opera.

In 1872 she ran away from her boring husband and her lover and brought two sisters of the future writer, and he is Bernard remained in Dublin with his father, which often drowned his sorrows in the bottle.

Schooling is absolutely not suited for young Show, and he searched for knowledge in books by such masters as Dickens, Shakespeare, Bunyan, and many others. Much later, the education system will be a frequent target for tough criticism and satire, the author begins to write about what in schools is absolutely nobody cares about the spiritual development of children. Also in his works he is especially critical of the generally accepted system of physical punishment in school.


When Bernard was 15 years old, he began to earn his living, as a clerk for the sale of land, and then became a cashier at a long 4 years, but this chore was so disgusting, Show that he could not stand it and left everything, went to her mother and sisters in London. The family received him very warmly, the mother encouraged his love of literature and writing. Unfortunately, while all of his work was rejected by various editors. In London, he wrote 5 novels which were never published.

Field of number of failures and setbacks, the Show turned its attention on the policies and activities of the British intelligentsia. In 1884 he joined the ranks of the socialist organization «Fabian society», whose aim was to fight for democracy not so much through revolution, but rather because of the tactics of gradualism and peaceful means. It was there that he met his future wife Charlotte Payne-Townshend, whom he married in 1898. Bernard became an active member of the socialist group and, inspired by the right idea, wrote the famous treatise «Fabian essays on socialism» in 1889. After some time, the Show began work on the book reviews and art, music and theater performances.

Generally speaking, power does not spoil people, but fools, when they are in power, the power ports.In 1895 he got a job in the newspaper «Saturday Review» as a major theater critic. At the same time Show says the first pieces of his own composition, which will later be published in several volumes – «plays Unpleasant» and «Pleasant plays».

The first volume includes such works as «the house of the widower», «Profession Mrs. Warren» and «Tape». Cleverly and ruthlessly wielding realism, the Show ridiculed the hypocrisy of capitalism that prevailed in the country, thereby finding an echo in the hearts of thousands of people and perpetuate himself forever in the history of English drama. In the «Pleasant plays» included «War and man,» «Candida,» «man of destiny» and «you Never can tell». But even the very name of the cycle imbued with satire and page – wit and sharp criticism of bourgeois morals and ideals.


By the end of the 19th century, after the publication of «Caesar and Cleopatra» in 1898, the star of genius shone to the fullest. He gave out one masterpiece after another. 1912 gave the world his famous «Pygmalion», which was filmed in 1938 and won the Academy award for the script works. In 1925 Shaw received the Nobel prize in literature, meanwhile, the «Pygmalion» was adapted for cholovo, and he becomes the incredible hit of its time. In 1964, the play again filmed with Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn in the lead roles.

The writer died in 1950 at the age of 94 of renal failure. His body was cremated and the ashes scattered along with the ashes of his wife.

Life equates people; death brings outstanding.

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