Genius and provocation of Vladimir Nabokov

To speak about Nabokov means to not speak about the Russian writer, but about the world unit. Cosmopolitician unless it got lost in the citizenship Depardieu and the like. So in the West of the Russian did not write nobody, not even our beloved Dovlatov. So far to depart from the literary tradition could only be mad. Is this bad? Never!!! Indeed, one of the most interesting people within the stratosphere and writes mediocre? And as such you can imagine! The more deeply people of noble origin, from childhood was fluent in three languages (French, English, Russian), as a rule, even wrote letters highly. Nabokov is just this kind of, about grandparents, great-grandparents and father, there are articles in Wikipedia that our time is significant.The ancient family of Nabokov gave rise to many famous personalities: my grandfather was a justice Minister in the government of Alexander II and Alexander III, the father of one of the most prominent politicians, grind simply the revolutionary mill, was the leader of the «cadets». Maternal grandfather was the largest gold miner of the Russian Empire. Grandparents – often secret counselors, and outstanding generals. And in such a family not be a highly educated intellectual? So ROS Vladimir Vladimirovich passionate, inquisitive young men in their splendid house on Bolshaya Morskaya street in St. Petersburg. There he had his first shock: looking out the window at the monumental wet street, Nabokov saw kill a man. Very strong shock for the young man. This, of course, deposited on the psyche of young men. Although in the noble nest was happening a lot of crazy stuff. The younger brother was homosexual, and two uncles. Father threatened to kill several times a day – he was able to bring his political opponents. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that Nabokov was the nature of the heavier uranium scrap.

And the rest – the usual noble life, studying at the Tenishev school, catching butterflies and a corresponding passion for insects and literature, preserved for life, and the legacy of his grandfather-gold mining: 1 million and the estate Rozhdestveno. And this at the age of 16, and this at a time when 1 million was equivalent to dozens of millions rubles. It’s not pathetic, nibbling sharks of modern capitalism «wood» is poor, and the mighty currency, one of the hardest in the world.

On the obtained money the posthumous Nabokov publishes a collection of poems of very bad quality. After reading them, a known morphine addict, gay and Bohemian lion Zinaida Gippius asked Nabokov Sr. to pass to the son, «that he was never a writer will not.» Fortunately, crazy symbolism Zina read only a few, and Nabokov knows the whole world.

With the beginning of the Revolution and the Civil war, the Nabokov family, as relatively healthy people, moved first to the Crimea. But in happening of insanity had no boundaries within the state, and when the revolution came to the Crimea, the family happily left Russia, never to return.

Nabokov lived in Berlin, occasionally dropping in Paris. In the early 30’s prints poems, stories, while not writing one of his most brilliant short stories – «the Luzhin Defense». It’s not like it’s provocative «Lolita», but a real human drama. She praised the young writer, erasing the smile from the face of detractors, who, because of ill nature were many, and Zinaida Gippius.

Then came to power of the nervous Austrian with a moustache like Charlie Chaplin and Marshal Blucher. Nabokov was not close to the nervous antics of a guy who fought against his homeland in the First world, and he went with his wife to Paris. But who knew that the Fuhrer allowed their greedy hands in all corners of Europe. Had to leave the United States for permanent residence a long and not hurt for PSG, but the weak clubs of MLS.

In the United States began the harsh immigrant life, lectures for peanuts and other tiny work. And this despite the relative popularity. «Cosmic proportions» it has not yet reached, but fans of the delicious smell of printing papers nodded approvingly, hearing of rare Russian name. But it was a most inveterate bibliophile, in General, Americans novels about obscure reflection of the white Russians were not interested. Then had to switch to another language. The first book gained interest among the reading public but published in 1955, «Lolita». A story about a vile little lover … brings its Creator fame and lot of money. Corrupted by the benefits of American society seemed to be waiting for the novel is a provocation, which, among other things, was one of the most prominent stories about the big and light love the XX century.

There are a lot of assumptions about what the author of «Lolita» he was a pedophile or, alternatively, subjected to childhood sexual violence. What he’s about pedophilia written! Therefore, for a reason. Equally logical would seem to accuse Dostoevsky of «promoting banditry» for his Raskolnikov, although unfortunate Fyodor Mikhailovich himself was accused of bad things with children. Incidentally, in the U.S. the book Nabokov are in the departments «for adults only» in the schools for the summer reading them is not my.

Argue that paedophiles come out of hiding thanks just the same «lolita». Every third critic at the time expressed his «Fe» in the address book, which praises the sexual relationship of a man with a teenage girl. When Humbert first saw lolita, the girl was 11 when joined with her in sexual intercourse – 12. Immediately ran up psychoanalysts. And you know what? Suppose you answer Vladimir Vladimirovich himself:

Let the gullible and the townspeople continue to believe that all psychological ills can be cured by a daily application of old Greek myths to their genitals.So, Nabokov to the topic of pedophilia as art really didn’t exist, because girls in Russia and beyond are often married at 12 years and not only for peers. So, Griboyedov married Nina Chavchavadze, when she was not yet 16 years of age. Spicy biblical truth even do not need to remember.

In 1960 Nabokov, already world-famous writer, returns to Europe, this time in Switzerland, in the resort town of Montreux famous for its jazz festival and bessmertnyi group Deep Purple in their famous «Smoke on the Water». There he rents a room at the hotel Montreux Palace, where she died in 1977. Now in Montreux is a monument to Nabokov, another monument in Montreux – Freddie mercury. The first most know only as the author of a novel about pedophilia, and the second as a gay man with a good voice.

But escape from death and return to life. In this life every second I really wanted to strangle the great writer. Although it would seem like the person who loves catching butterflies can cause the flow of hatred in the masses? It’s very simple – his vindictiveness. If you’re one of Nabokov, then be merciful, praise and criticism of his lyrics under any circumstances. He said very bitterly, cynically and sharply that people very long bore him a grudge. How many people fell out of favor and lost his fellowship only unflattering review of «lolita»! Even his wife’s only friend, critic and poet Khodasevich, Berberova Nina also fell out of favor. But in the life of the famous writer Berberova was even harder Nabokov.

The immigrant had a fight with another large Russian immigrant, if I may say so, with the Keeper of traditions of Russian literature, usersinou Chekhov and Tolstoy, a superstar of the 50’s Ivan Bunin. Being a beardless youth, Nabokov wrote him a touching letter that excruciatingly wanted to snatch from the flow of molasses and oil. Man, gebesee for the podium and all – and suddenly such touching messages, like a twelve year old girl. Even Kaulitz bill of Tokio Hotel came such sweet letters. As Nabokov wrote, the thought of waiting at home the book of poems Bunin warmed and lulled him in the middle of the rainy night streets, «gleaming places like wet rubber», where «the wind ruffled the trees» and «short, dense rumbling of falling chestnuts»…

And after 12 years he called the meter of «old turtle» and say that, through its conservatism, Ivan A. «die alone». All because the Keeper of the Russian literary tradition considered Nabokov stunt, hurt Vladimir Putin. Although never denying his literary talent. On the threshold of his own death Bunin continued to excite creative way Nabokov: «This guy pulled out a pistol and one shot all the old men, including me.» Although Bunin – the last link in the long Golden time of the Russian literature of the XIX century. To call the recent works of Nabokov Russian literature quite difficult.

Although he was smart enough to understand that his poems if something worthy only of oblivion. Although there were glimpses of consciousness. For example, under the name «Vasiliy Shishkov» Nabokov published his own poems, made hateful criticism Adamovich awash with enthusiastic vomiting. The secret is revealed in the story «Vasiliy Shishkov». Graceful trolling Russian writer.

No less interesting and the drama with the Nobel prize, which, despite the recommendation of Solzhenitsyn, Nabokov still not received. But its got parsnips with his «Doctor Zhivago», calling Nabokov a flurry of fierce, furious hatred: «Pasternak I consider painful, talentless, false». However, Pasternak did not like it before:

In Russia there is quite a gifted poet Pasternak. Verse he convex seabasty, tarawasi eyes, like his Muse suffers from graves ‘ disease. He’s crazy bulky images, sonorous but literal Rome, rumbling dimensions. The syntax he had some kind of depraved. 1927, «the Wheel»But now Nabokov tops the list of those whom the attention of the Nobel Committee unfairly bypassed.

Knowing English and understanding Russian literary culture, Nabokov translated into English «Eugene Onegin», which it would not do, because the translation was made in prose. Also translated from ancient «the Word about Igor’s regiment», of course in English.

How much enthusiasm was Vladimir Vladimirovich – not to describe a boxer and he was a good and excellent chess player. In addition to writing books, Nabokov seriously studied entomology and even held the position of curator of the division of Lepidoptera in the Museum of comparative Zoology, Harvard University.

Like the killer from «silence of the Lambs», Nabokov was a lepidopterist and self-taught. He discovered twenty new species of butterflies, there was quite a famous biologist by the standards of any era. The storm in the forty-fifth, while the raging fire of war in Europe, Nabokov, looking for American pygmy-Blues, conjectured that their ancestors flew from Asia through Beringia, supporting the geological hypothesis that later proved to be correct. And in 2011 Harvard biologists could not resist and gutted samples, which Nabokov contributed to the collection of the local Museum of comparative biology during his tenure as its curator. Nabokov theory based on the similarity of morphological characteristics was confirmed by molecular.

And for me the highest pleasure – the devil’s out of time, but very even in the divine space is a randomly selected landscape, still in a band, or of tundra wormwood, or even among the remnants of an old pine forest near the railway between the dead in this context, the Albany and Schenectady (where I fly one of my favorite godchildren, my blue samuelis) – in short, every corner of the earth where I can be social butterflies and feed their plants. Here is bliss this is bliss there’s something not quite identifiable. Sounds like some kind of instant physical emptiness where rushes to fill it, everything I love in the world.On the other hand, butterfly and killed it. As did close, the cause of the deadly disease Nabokov was the drop on a steep mountain slope during the next expedition for butterflies in the surroundings of Montreux.

By the way, it’s not only his opening. It belongs to Nabokov, the name of the discoverer of crossword puzzles for the Russian-speaking reader. «Krestoslovitsa» (so-called) Vladimir Putin made at the Berlin period of his life, working in the newspaper «the Wheel.» And don’t forget to mention it in almost every his novel, believing that the word has taken root in everyday life. Alas…

If Nabokov don’t know how the author of «Lolita», that’s exactly how one of the ancestors of the smiley face. In an interview with The New York Times he first suggested to use a parenthesis to denote.

I often think that there should exist a special typographical sign for a smile – something like a curved line lying supine brackets; this is the icon I would put instead of answering your question.

Here such here it, the author of the provocative novel of the twentieth century, the stylist, the master of in-depth analysis of the emotional state of the characters and legendary a synesthete.

Take good advice from the editor before you form an opinion about the writer not read «lolita», read «Goldilocks» and «the Luzhin Defense», because the aura of «forbidden topics» distracts us from the main thing – from the impeccable style of Vladimir Nabokov.

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