Generation liposuction: why we don’t want to work with your hands

As if that was not strange, but lately a lot of people who want nothing to do with your hands. Often, of course, because you can’t. But why don’t they know how? Didn’t they have that remarkable period, when they were forced in school to cut plates and make wooden cars? Why’d you suddenly realize that not everyone can assemble a banal furniture from IKEA, which is accompanied by a detailed user manual? How hard can it be, if you think about it? Suddenly, I realized that many believe that such is not necessary. Life has simplified many traditionally male activities. Furniture can be purchased, repairs done invited people, most of ‘ em home removed by special people. Of course, to be able to all almost impossible, but why don’t you want to be able to at least banal things. Why does nobody understand that having useful skills is a good thing is that this can save money and time finding the right person? Some of these «shirkers» says that all men are divided into two types: «Those who can fix and who can pay for it!» How would the implication that the first people rogue or those who have no steady income at the bottle of vodka. But those who can pay, they are so… They are the kings of the world, they are about as Chinese nobleman who grew their fingernails long, showing that it is not engaged in physical labor. I suggest those guys to grow long nails, cover them with French manicure and never lift anything heavier than a laptop.

But the problem is not only that some comrades are not able to fix anything. They generally avoid at least some of the work by hand. Only the office just pushing papers. It may be big, but to fix it no, stop! Today it is time to condemn those who do not want to do with your hands, to make men’s calluses and to work physically. The reason is often simple: too lazy and uncomfortable to carry all these huge devices, ugh, nasty.

Today I will talk about those things that I hesitate to do those, which by some misunderstanding had been born in a generation with me.

1. To pay or buy

Oh, how I hate it. Somehow the last time I heard the phrase «All men are divided into two types: «Those who can fix and who can pay for it!»» from the guy-designer with orange teeth, which is unable to assemble a table of three elements. As you know, he paid for it with another person. You know, man, it makes sense to pay for all the very heavy stuff and not for the replacement card and sticker Wallpaper. Of course, sometimes to pay for it easier when there’s no time and urgently need to do, but you simply do not know how to do at home hands, and at home you don’t have a Toolbox, this is very bad. You know, the woman is still responsible for many things, for example cleaning and cooking, and we have homework as such is not left, all you can pay!

We wrote about the skills that should have. All you have to pay, acting as an armless creature? Ugh, to be so, you’re not just can’t pay, you don’t want to dirty hands!

2. Not be able to do everything at once

A strange feature of many, perhaps, not shirkers, but a little lazy. If something is broken, fix it immediately. Burned out light bulb? If you change this, then a week later, the light from the computer is enough! Came off the plinth? Milk spilled on the floor? Our friend will not take it all at once and to solve problems as they arrive. Lies? Does not interfere? Under the feet are not lying? Maybe, maybe not do that, it interferes with someone? This is another piece of laziness and unwillingness to solve their problems as soon as they appeared. People can put up with anything! Dirt house with unwashed dishes, the absence of light. First, you put up with the fact that the house has no hot food; then, however, reconcile with the fact that the house is dusty and dirty; then with the fact that there is no light. If you want you can accept the fact that the house is not at home. There was a problem? Decided, do not delay!

3. In the gym with glands

Usually this sin skinny hipsters and all the representatives of managersto and the «creative class». Comrades categorically afraid to pick up a terrible terrible post, for some guys-shirkers iron essence nasty, it can make them miserable ducks! Ducks are stupid and not creative. In fact, of course, the comrades forget that the icon of the «iron» Arnie was and is far not the silly person. In addition, the mind, if it is, will help you to swing more efficiently, improve your mental abilities will bring down the anxiety level and make you corny not fat and strong. To ride a bike or run in the mornings for our hero to be more acceptable as a form of weight loss, but strength training is Phi.

If our hero made it to the gym, it will actively sit in the gym, sometimes swing the dumbbells, but the barbell for some reason he is terrified to approach. Seriously, dude, I’ve seen a lot of these guys, the maximum that they can afford is the Smith machine. So, rod will give you calluses on your hands, wear on legs, bruises on the body, and sometimes bruising, but is should look like a normal dude? Soft skin on my hands — the fate of women.

4. The inability and unwillingness to cook

Another condemnation of shirkers. Every dude or girlfriend, regardless of gender should be able, as much as possible. Cooking is one of them. Even corny to cook buckwheat, rice or eggs should be able to, because it might come in handy in life. In life it so happens that the dude who lived first with her parents, then wife and then was left alone, he does not know what corny is. One colleague, for example, after a divorce at age 40 all day ate eggs. If you really think cooking is a girly thing, think again. Cooking is an important skill for every person, for the banal reason — we need to eat. In order not to get a woman when you want cozy and delicious to eat, you need to be able to cook. And everything will be easier.

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