Gene… Just the Almighty gin


Interested in gin? That’s right.

The labels and names now, many understand, but this is not enough. To get the full enjoyment of the drink, you also need to know his story, so to speak, ancestry. The more gin, more than anything else, has to communicate, to a leisurely conversation. As one Englishman: «gin, the time passes quickly and in the best way…»

Alcohol tinctures with juniper drank by the ancient Romans. But not often. Because of the hot climate and large number of vineyards they still predpochytaly. But the Dutch vineyards, and therefore, they drove alcohol from wheat or barley, adding juniper and other herbs, and then diluting with water. This drink in Holland is still called «genever».


And in the XVII century it was also called «Dutch courage». So he was called the British, who together with the Dutch fought against the Spaniards. The British watched in amazement as phlegmatic and peace-loving Dutch, juniper sipping vodka, started straight-away on the warpath. To fight the British and there’s lots more, so they took the recipe with him. To pronounce «genever» for them was difficult, and they shortened the name. Did: gin.

The Albion new drink was fine. Because of this even caused problems. In the seventeenth century, England experienced several terrible epidemics. And one of them is an epidemic of an epidemic of alcoholism. A historical fact! People were drunk by the thousands. Because Jean has become a godsend for, as it is now called «the underground.» To make it simple, and the sharp smell of juniper can kill the stench of poorly treated, low-quality alcohol.

Who knows where I’d be England, if the government had not come to their senses. For as Gina began to follow, and violators do not stand on ceremony. Caught — once in the tower, to the prison that is. Guards guarding the tower are called Beefeaters, that is, «beef-eaters» because the men were all as on selection under two meters tall and spruce, respectively. When James barrow founded the London distillery to produce their own gin, he called his brand «Beefeater». You know why? Because the Beefeaters guarding the tower of unscrupulous manufacturers of gin, thereby guaranteeing the quality of the drink. And James barrow, drawing the Beefeater on the label, it said: «Keep in mind, the slightest deviation from technology, and I’m in the tower». Perhaps, of course, it was not so, but the fact is obvious: «Beefeater» was and remains a very good gin. Do you know how did the most popular cocktail of all time — the gin and tonic?


Now tell. British colonial troops in India suffered greatly from malaria. The mosquitoes were worse than the rebels. The disease has decimated the soldiers of companies and battalions. When the cure was quinine — the soldiers at first did not believe in its saving properties and refused to drink the bitter powder. Then one cunning regimental doctor had thought to mix the quinine with gin and the bitterness is not felt, diluted the beverage is water. From put front glasses with gin none of the soldiers will not give up, even with admixture.

When the soldiers returned from India to England, in pubs they asked for gin and water, and quinine. This drink has become the hallmark of the British colonial Dembele». The one who wanted to feel like a seasoned and courageous, too, ordered «Indian mix», which later became known as gin and tonic.

Or here’s another story. For the past nineteen series drinking James bond? Of course, any child knows: «vodka Martini, shaken, not stir». Cocktail vodka Martini is two parts dry vermouth and eight parts vodka. It would seem that gin does not smell. But no. On this subject were cut off by our friend who went to the competition bartenders in England. There he explained that the primary source, the book of Ian Fleming, Agent 007 always added to your cocktail of one part gin. Because no real English gin and not fighting, and do not spy, and do not rest, and for women not care. And we, the people of the continent, without the Genie it would be boring.

Varieties of gin


London Dry Gin

Dry gin the highest quality, obtained by distillation. The word dry is ‘ dry ‘ indicates no sugar.

Previously, in addition to dry was released and sweet Gina are usually not very high quality because the sugar was interrupted by the taste of the «booze». Manufacturers cared about quality, not added to the drink sugar and pointed to the label: «dry», as if to emphasize that they are playing in the open. Sweet gins has long been no releases, and the label continues to write «dry». The London word indicates the method of manufacture. London dry gin can be made in any city in the world, but the technology that was invented in London, that is grain alcohol diluted with water, add spices (5-10 species), and distilled again, diluted with water.

Plymouth Gin

As the London dry is made by distillation, but then a few months aged in oak barrels of sherry. This technology was invented in Plymouth, a city in the South West of the UK, so all the soaked Jinn called «Plymouth».

Yellow Gin

Aged in barrels for much longer than the Plymouth, which acquires a rich amber color. Very rare variety.

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