Gemma Merna is an actress in a soap Opera

We then noticed that for a long time did not publish blondes. Summer still pulls to something hot and a characteristic type of brunette who we showed you earlier. But. Blonds are not inferior to anyone in your sexuality, we decided to prove it to you with the help of American actress Gemma merna.

This beauty has already turned 29 years old, though it is not much, but still want to mention that she looks gorgeous. And her photo shoot in lingerie will make anyone excited, perhaps not only to guys. As you have already guessed Gemma model, more glamorous model. Not to be confused with domestic glamour. Famous for the blonde playing a role in one of the soap operas in 2006, and the following year she was even nominated for best actress in a soap Opera.

Gemma Merna is not afraid of pain and scars. In an interview in 2009 she said that she did breast augmentation at the age of twenty-one years, and it was one of the best things she ever did. She admitted that new Boobs gives her more confidence. Thanks to her, Gemma was able to achieve such success, she said. It is time to evaluate the talents of Gemma, no wonder she tried.

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