Gather a completely unnecessary box

marneur box1358129604

In the world there are a lot of absolutely unnecessary things. They have one indisputable advantage: at least they are not harmful. This thing just belongs to them, it’s totally useless, but at least not harmful.

So, we present to your attention a set to create a completely useless box. If you have at least some basic knowledge or if you attempted to build something with their hands using a soldering iron and swear words, such an interesting set just for you. The finished product looks very cool: all of these mechanisms, wires, switch on the front panel and black box covered with acrylic. In short, very cool. It works good on two AA batteries.


What happens after you click on this intriguing switch? Um… Actually, nothing. no, really, nothing out of the box because the foot and snap the switch into the opposite position.

marneur box0225617113

And we said that it is a very useful thing.

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