Gates will share with you the wealth of your mind…

The richest man on the planet Earth. In their 58 bill gates earned about $ 80 billion. He’s a pioneer, philanthropist and inspiration to people around the world. We all know that in 1975 he left Harvard to work with Paul Allen to found Microsoft. Twelve years ago, when he was 31 years old, he became the youngest billionaire. Currently Microsoft is the biggest software provider in the world. Gates is completely self-made man. He is proof that shameless optimism and improbable dreams can lead to the heights of success. Gates also is one of the greatest philanthropists in the amount he donated about $ 28 billion to charity. Today I will share with you the exact quotes that from time to time gives this mad genius.

1. «Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into believing that they can never lose.»

We learn more about ourselves from our mistakes than from our victories. Every difficulty, every problem as a source of inspiration, incentive and motivation. Long-awaited success can turn the head and completely change your life, but it should never change your internal content, if only for the better. You need to remember and understand that in the world there is little that can beat the triumph in the category of transience and variability. You can fall as quickly as it soared. It is hoped that you have kept your friends and warm relationships with loved ones that will help you get back on your feet and will support and a new springboard for even greater achievements in life.

2. «Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world… If you do, you’re insulting yourself.»

Each of us is moving towards their goals at different speeds, and everyone has their own way of life, their principles, rules and values. The notion of success and happiness is subjective, and each person will find their opinion. Very often we have to wander in the darkness, before you emerge from the dark forest of our fears, doubts and failures. But as once said Tolkien in one of his books: «Not all those who are lost — lost.» Not need to look at the lives of others, to compare or envy. Go your way, trying to achieve your goals, follow their desires, instead of adapting to the vision of your girlfriend, parents or friends about the perfect husband/son from the «real man should».

3. «Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.»

You can learn a lot in the business field of their unhappy customers. And especially if a lot of them, it is a definite sign that it’s time specifically to change something.

The same rule applies when it comes to his personal life. If you are already fifth in a row a girl hits you with the words that such a freak as you, you cannot exist in the same space, maybe we are not the girls thing? Of course, for all your life you have heard many times that no matter what others will say, and gladly wear this motto on your banner. Just bear in mind that this applies to strangers, well, «random passengers», who left/came with your life with ease, but not those who love you and dear to you. So if someone is unhappy with you or your product, communicate, learn, take action.

4. «Never underestimate the nerds, maybe one of them will work for you. I failed in some subjects but my friend passed all. Now he works as an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.»

Popularity is another fickle notion, along with success. Scored the ugly duckling, which you have gladly scoffed at the stupidity at school, now works as the chief in a cool company. And «prom Queen», which was involved all the strong half of your uni, now sitting at the checkout in the supermarket. It is important to understand the stupidity of labeling, because life is long and twisted, and you never know where and what kind of person will push you to head fate. Try from the start to build a positive relationship with all new friends: who knows what’s good for you to turn around at some point.

5. «Life is unfair. Get used to it.»

We develop through struggle, and everything good only happens in fairy tales. Im not jumping unicorns and poop roses. Much of what is happening or will happen in life is beyond your control. This is unpleasant and brings chaos and gives rise to righteous anger. Try to find the answer and balance in any situation to find at least some positive aspects. This will be useful for your shattered nerves and for your morale. And failures are only the constant part of the cycle of any human life.

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