Gaming headset Tesoro Kuven 7.1

manygoodtips.com_4.10.2014_FOOynIUgrSGOLThe American company Tesoro has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality and reliable products.

Devices and gadgets from this company are popular with all progressive mankind.

Today we will talk about brutal gaming headset — headset Tesoro Kuven 7.1.

According to the myths, Kuven is the name of the helmet of the ruler of the underworld Hades, by which he could become invisible to ordinary mortals.

The stylish design of the device attracts attention from the first seconds, and it looks really awesome (there are two versions: in black and white).


Headphones have a clean, loud Surround sound, clear bass. Sound card consists of two elements: one of them is inserting a 3.5 mm headset connectors, and the second connects directly to the USB port of your PC.


For correct reproduction of surround sound you must install the software bundled with headphones (it can also be download on the manufacturer’s website

The microphone rotates 180 degrees around its axis and can bend almost anything you like through the Central part made of soft rubber. Due to this, every gamer can find the optimally comfortable position of the microphone.


  • headset Tesoro Kuven;
  • USB sound card;
  • extension cable 2 m;
  • Y-adapter 2-in-1;
  • CD with software;
  • detailed user manual;
  • booklet with new products.


Main features:

  • the loudspeaker diameter 50 mm;
  • virtual 7.1 sound;
  • closed type headphone;
  • braided cable 1.2 m;
  • gold plated connectors 3.5 mm;
  • control panel;
  • flexible microphone.

The average price — 3500 R.

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