Game, sequel to which we look forward to

In the modern game is full of projects and sequels are produced without apparent reason. Assasin’s Creed and Call of Duty, produced more often than the new phones, because of their conveying speeds squandered all the good for which we loved the first part.

And there are games, the continuation of which fans are waiting for at least ten years, and they don’t all come out, and it is unclear if it will. Developers clear answer is not given, and we are tired of preprohormone «gold» parts, throw on every article that contains the Golden words «the new … planned for…». Let’s do it again miss drooling on a ghostly hope to finally see the iconic continue.

Bioshock 4

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_ar2i1A3ipLOsyLet’s start with the fact that the end of the third portion is the beginning of the entire trilogy, and the circle closes in the last part of Bioshock Infinite. Alas, it dies very reason the passing game is a charming Elizabeth. So those who hoped to see her in the next part, to announce that rush will fall, and at the same time think about whether you need Bioshock without the most adorable character in the history of gaming.

Besides, in 2015 the Irrational Games team that is working to create a game that was broken, and now the chief ideologue Ken Levine is working on others, is not a linear project. The rights to BioShock bought Take-Two, which is a subsidiary of the well-known publisher 2K Games. And then there is a glimmer of hope. The head of Take-Two had not just insinuated, but openly declared that they do not plan to forget about BioShock, and in the near future users waiting for major announcements related to this series. They said that the work on BioShock is in the first place for the entire 2K Games.Yet the developers are silent as partisans, fans think, but do not spoil the new game of the entire franchise? It is full of examples where new publishers spoil the series, remember all the same «Gothic» or Fallout, which after leaving in the hands of Bethesda ceased to please many fans. Or «Ghostbusters» that has become in the clutches of a new Director in a candid porn.

And will look like a vicious, albeit fairy-tale world, so skillfully generated Levin at the hands of new developers? I would like to see.

Gothic 5

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_6fYlY2REWXGBCSuffering series, mutilated, financial issue, and owners, still warms the soul with hope for a speedy exit. The first two parts, challenging but very interesting and atmospheric, laced with God-like seasoning called «music by Kai Rosenkranz» and amazing story, still discourage fans any doubts about what the best RPG in the world.

After the second «Gothic» parents are a series of Piranha Bytes have refused to cooperate with careless publishers who want to release the game ahead of time (Spellbound Entertainment), and created a very similar atmosphere of the game Risen. Spellbound Entertainment has released a unfinished third part and the fourth that even attempted to determine, as something independent, but Arcania: Gothic 4 was even worse the third.Publisher Spellbound Entertainment went bankrupt (only karma). Bought the Rights to the series by Austrian publisher Nordic Games, which, as it turned out, was interested in cooperation with «Piranha». But who is going to develop a game. Piranha Bytes finally finished Risen, just released a post-apocalyptic game Elex, and may now undertake the development. And may it be a new story, if only the game was made «Piranha».

The Elder Scrolls VI

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_NghDpyz9sZJZX«The Elder Scrolls VI is something everyone knows, but not talking. Of course, when it comes to this game, it would be great to say to our fans — Yes, we are working on it. But, you know, I have to be careful with the statements,» said the mastermind of the series Todd Howard.

Fallout 4 is good; MMORPG in the universe of Tamriel is a good idea, but terrible execution; The Elder Scrolls Legends — Hearthstone on favorite universe, useless. Give a full sixth part. Give the opportunity to make fun of Argonians and Khajiit to drink scumy, quests Daedra and to read about the lusty Argonian maid. Because every year to replay Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion gradually tired.

Sorry busy with the release of games like Dishonored «bestcovery» few involved in the process. The game will be, but when? Soon after will not less long-awaited fan project Skywind and Morroblivion.

Fable Legends

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_CwZtj0OT5JPolHere’s a thing: the game is ready, but for some known only to the developers reason that it was canceled shortly before sale. Promised us «a bleak RPG set in the scenery of Victorian London» is still gathering dust on the shelf as a good Soviet movie, censored. Developers Lionhead has stated that it will focus on the development of games that are «interesting to the public». So, the third part of the legendary fables in than disappointing, but die-hard fans, who have missed the magical world, in which the hero over time from young men becomes a pensioner, and in which you have to work and have a family (the Sims for real men), sounding the alarm.

But hope is on the way out the most realistic cartoon games. Lionhead periodically to assure that work on the game can be reborn, and that the matter involved in the founding father of the series, the brilliant Peter Molyneux, who at a certain stage, what is called, «off.»

Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode Three

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_0mzq8LJCpHRQpWaiting for new Half-Life, be it Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode Three, fans are paranoid grab any information that contains the number 3. Among them are of the opinion that Valve can’t count to three because not released any games with the number three in the title. Gabe has hinted that Half-Life 3 frozen until the immortal «dotcom» brings a lot of money and happiness a greedy company. Besides, with the release of Steam Machines, the Studio explicitly scored on their fans, lusting to play in the new «Half», and now focuses primarily on online.

The game was scheduled in the 2007-th year, and therefore requires careful treatment, to fit contemporary realities. But the people waiting, the people believed and hoped. Moreover, the fashion for Dota slowly passes, and between the development of a new virtual reality helmet and work on Steam, they should be time. But when?Himself Gabe Newell in one of his interviews said that all Valve games is a demonstration of something new (e.g., engine), and there is no «real need» to release HL3 now. No, they are not afraid to release it to allow the fans to be disappointed in the imperfection so long awaited game. Just its time has not come yet.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_Nl4oRXzs3ms9fDear Turks from TaleWorlds, please stop showing teasers best simulation of the middle ages and give the people the release date of Mount & Blade 2 II: Bannerlord. Infinitely to endure the release — it is indecent, and to tease people with improved graphics and colorful, more realistic battles in the gameplay, just ugly. After this beauty playing in the angular additions, though very good, are somehow not interested. Can’t wait to gather your gang, lead into battle an army to besiege a couple of locks.

S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2

manygoodtips.com_6.10.2016_v9FLXKxdzPvnPSince 2007, the year game of this series came out steadily, as if from the conveyor, delighting fans with the perfect atmosphere of the Chernobyl wasteland. But at the end of 2011 established mechanism suddenly failed. Just one of the most talented studios in the former Soviet Union under the name of GSC Game World, fell victim to discord. The core of the team distanced himself, he established his own Studio Vostok Games and announced that it is working on an ideological continuation of the series. But why ideological continuation, when people wanted S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2, with the charismatic gangsters, Sydorovychi, anomalies and slang, which is to hear every day outside the window.

In an interview, the PR-Manager of the Studio Valentin Eltishev spoke about «working on an old-school game that everyone’s been waiting for,» But this was said casually. A little odd for the most anticipated game in the post-Soviet space.

In this case GSC Game World has recently released this monster called «Cossacks 3», and the game is difficult to call. On the one hand, it says that everything is possible and the Studio is much more profitable to release the game, which again will bring them back in action than to come up with something new. But if they release the same crap, the series should be closed.To say exactly will the game set for 2012, it is difficult, as time goes by, the interest falls. Moreover, after the occurrence of such wonderful things as a series of games Metro 2033, people understand that there is an alternative. So the best Ukrainian developers to hurry and not to push so much senseless ukrainianism in «the Cossacks.»

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