«Game of thrones» makes you look at the world realistically

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_EJMEazKWwSJrZThe brainchild of George Martin, in the opinion of our office, not only mastimovie phenomenon, which humanity will not be ashamed later. Of course, too early to compare the «Game of thrones» «Lord of the rings» or with Homer’s «Iliadou». But now the ancient Greek no one reads, and the series on Martin’s books see all. Why such an enduring popularity, which continued for the sixth season in a row? NGOs sold their souls to the devil? It sounds plausible, but in another case – in the extraordinary realism of human relationships.

«Game of thrones» is not just a colorful tale about a medieval alternate reality with dragons and naked women. «Game of thrones» is about people, and about modern people, with their eternal monsters in the minds and agony in the souls. For this reason to watch the film adaptation of «a Song of ice and fire» not only pleasant but also useful. You can learn a lot. For example…

1. A promise worth nothing

We often say to you, that you were a man, and therefore kept his word. It really is very good and right, but, no doubt, the promise performs a small number of people, a fraction of a percent of the total. If in the middle ages, vows were important (guaranteed the loyalty of vassals), but now they are just words. «Game of thrones» knows many cases of infidelity, which could have been avoided if the characters had less confidence in each other. A knife in the back usually people get from the people you trust.

2. Money is a great motivator, but not perfect

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_PTXZrN5MX7MU7If you can’t trust the word, it is wiser to trust to personal interest. Allies in Westeros due to this, only exist as the main motivator, apparently, is money. But they have their drawbacks. Let’s remember the siege of Winterfell, which was held by Stannis Baratheon when he began to lose control of the situation, he ran away from all the mercenaries, which led to dire consequences (but not only, of course). Most of all focused on the money the Lannisters, why lost half of his relatives.

3. The title does not mean power

Who had more power? John snow is at Castle Black or the last son of Cersei, who put his ass on the Iron throne, but I was afraid to lift a finger? There is nothing to talk about. The person who lead others, must possess leadership qualities. It can be a moral monster, and can be a good guy, but he needs to be a leader. And no awards, titles, posts this is not correct. People see it, so in the real world evaluate a person by actions, not by the number of stars on the shoulder straps.

4. Your truth is a lie for others

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_RQlUzGWMjVFNXRemember cool Daenerys? A beautiful woman that everyone wants the good. A little crazy, but it got from dad – with the genes will not argue. She’s an idealist who has decided to build itself around equality and fraternity, the friendship of peoples, the Union is indestructible and much, much more.

Of, from, very generous and she really believes in something that brings people freedom. However, when she rules the city of Meereen, the residents did not hurt his favor: they don’t like her rules, they don’t understand her «bright ideas». The fact that the young khaleesi had completely forgotten that truth is always subjective, and to rebuild people under your understanding of the truth few people can. Numerous attempts to overthrow the government, confirm this. This should be one of the banal Universe of advice: if you want to understand the other person, put yourself in his place, look at the world through his eyes.

5. Flexibility is better than pride

One of my favorite characters – Petyr Baelish. Why? It seems that he is no hero, not in command of troops, force can not boast, but still intrigues everywhere. But it nevertheless represents the kind of people who always and in all circumstances can get to the top. And it’s not just in the mind and intrigues, but also in flexibility, which allows you to play explanation of any of the holders, to find their weak spots, leaving everyone a fool but himself. Because Petyr knows one interesting fact – those who hold the power, as a rule, stupid. Won’t say names (no one likes spoilers), but one of the greatest conquerors of Westeros lies in a coffin because he was stubborn, like a little donkey, and Petyr Baelish very much alive. I hope Martin won’t kill you before your time.

6. It is impossible to calculate all

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2016_fY99xP6k920XZIn the world of Ice and fire» there is always a random factor that emerged from the chaos that surrounds us. Who would have guess that will be a man, homeless-looking, will gather around them a totalitarian sect and starts to terrorize those in power? The high Sparrow is the character who embodies the very essence of unforeseen circumstances. And in every life be such, because it is impossible to calculate everything. It is possible to predict the disease, attack by Gopnik, crash or the economic crisis? If you do not Wang, it is not possible. But to be ready we must, otherwise we will walk naked through the center of the city, the cries of «Shame!»

7. To be a dwarf – not a sentence

It’s like king Oedipus, who was the first hero-monster» that was far from the glorious muscle Achilles (ancient Schwarzenegger). This type of heroes is very attracted by peoples, and curves and curves of the supermen seem more believable.

Tyrion Lannister – a typical representative of this wave, and he teaches us that physical limitations will never play a leading role in your life if you won’t give up. This dwarf knows how to relax (judging by the amount of alcohol consumed in all seasons) and knows how to edit (remember his work by hand), know how to love women, and able to fend for themselves. A good example to follow, no kidding.

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