«Game of thrones» and the world

manygoodtips.com_27.04.2015_0B3F4Iyzq12DqThe peak of popularity of «Game of thrones», alas, passed. Season 5 does not cause such a stir. If last year each series was generated in us the same awe that causes the priestess of love, gave to know the wisdom of the passion a fourteen year old virgin, now calmer. And like the plot promises a lot of surprises towards the middle and the actors are not playing worse, and the plot twists became more, but unfortunately, the public has become accustomed. This does not mean that we don’t like and won’t follow the amazing stories about Bastardo, dwarfs, and the risen dead. On the contrary. Moreover, each season brings into our real life. Let’s see that there is a «feast» boring daily routine.

1. Names

When Gagarin flew to the firmament, thousands of boys were named George. When we released «Star wars», there was a tangible surge in the popularity of the name Luke. After the release of «V for vendetta» millions of nerds began to be photographed wearing masks of guy Fawkes. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that hundreds of «witty», «original» parents, do not think about the future of their children, named them after characters from the cult TV series.

According to the social security Administration 21 babies were named Daenerys. However, this number is not equal to 146 Khaleesi after the series in which Princess was married to Drogo, the leader of the dothraki. The worst thing is that these names have become much more popular than the infamous Nadine and Betsy.

In honor of Arya stark, the second most popular «feast» ladies, were also named about a hundred children.

In Russia, Khaleesi has not yet been born. But knowing the thrust of many of our fellow citizens to exotics it’s safe to say that everything is still ahead. Winter is coming.

2. Piracy

Where popularity, there «pirates». And who are these pirates? Me and you, all of us. «Game of thrones» became the most downloaded from illegal sources series. For example, the last episode of the third season of «Game of thrones» was downloaded 5.9 million times (which is practically equivalent to a TV rating). And that’s just in United States of did America. For «Game of thrones» this is not the first such achievement: in 2012, the series also received the title of the most popular on the pirate websites. It is interesting to see the results after this season.

3. Visualization

But done on the engine of Google Maps interactive map of the Seven Kingdoms will come in handy in the midst of the fourth season. The geography of the series is greatly expanded. Now there’s Bravos, the mandrel and other corners of the Kingdoms. It’s good that Martin took the trouble and described the area. And so the fans are happy, and the card is ready.

Just look at the map and don’t forget to wipe figurines of the main characters. Yes, they already produced. There is a demand, there is a white Walker. Play.

4. Spoiler

«Game of thrones» teaches us not only betray neighbors and strange words, somehow related to Eugene Margulis, but also provokes outright bestiality. Otherwise this act will not name. It is no excuse. What is the act? Yes there is just one teacher from France, who punished his pupils, despoilered it’s a new season of the series.

As told one of the students, their teacher, who already read all the books in Martin’s series, threatened the class that if they do not calm down and begin to listen to him, he will tell you which characters will die in season four. When the students did not pay attention to the threat and continued to make noise, the teacher flipped out and wrote on the Board the names of all the characters who will soon die and on the screen.

Immediately after this shocked the disciples all has calmed down. Some, however, tried to erase the memory and to gouge out his eyes, but failed.

Probably this teacher was a fan of Joffrey, wife of Stannis or Margaery Tyrell, or any other nasty character.

5. Dogs

However, it is not without its victims. They were poor lovely dog. Members of the British charity organization «Blue cross» came to the conclusion that because of the TV series «Game of thrones» people are more likely to abandon the husky. You remember Lytvynov that resemble the Siberian husky? Fans buy a dog to become Aki stark. However, the animal eats a lot, keep it fairly cheap, with the result that owners are forced to abandon their Pets. According to estimates, the number of abandoned huskies increased by 42%.

This is what happens when thoughtless idiots who are too impressed with the series, is completely off the thinking function. Animals suffer.

6. Tits

To Lena heady Topless, you need permission from the local clergy. However, there is one «BUT»: the clergy against. Not going to play in Croatia, not allowed in Ireland. And naked she stands and freezes, waiting to get dressed. Such a scandal around one of the individual scenes was not long ago. Let’s hope that after all the suffering Hidi will play it. All evil priests.

However, as a result removed the shame of Cersei. You ask, what episode? I will not say. Look – see.

7. Career

Even the show deprived us of a talented young actor. He has played so well the villain that his character hated everything and everyone. Talking about Jack Gleeson played Joffrey Baratheon bastard. Guy graduated from film career after his character nobly drank the poison. 21-year-old actor justifies the decision by saying that he didn’t like his lifestyle as a participant in the popular TV series. Gleason recently visited Haiti with the organization, Goal, assists victims, and then declared intention to become an aid worker on a permanent basis and to engage with the profession.

Maybe he just wants to atone for the sins of Joffrey?

8. Claims

Not without scandals and betrayal. Well, in the spirit of the series. Officials put pressure on people. HBO stopped the tradition of joint hits new episodes of «Game of thrones» in one of the bars of Brooklyn. Bar «Videologia» where to watch your favorite show crowds dressed cosplayers, now no longer be a haven for fans. Themed bar, where a lot years to share was about the fans, exposed its existence.

According to the bar owner, the reason for the ban was that the publicity of these shows. HBO in your sheet explained that the channel subscription is paid, so these impressions in public areas is unacceptable.

The «Videologia» is not the only bar where fans gather for cosplay well-known characters and viewing of the new season. As reported by Business Insider, other institution requesting the termination of public viewings of the series has not yet been received.

So fans will have to download the show from torrents and watch home alone. And guys c HBO I would like to say that greed to good arguments. Would like to give an example from the show, but spoilers are punishable by law.

9. The engine of progress

Where there is something popular, there there is is. That’s the fate of the Rugby world Cup, where the notation players read the serpent Tywin Lannister.

10. Beer, blood, dragons

Well, the most delicious effect. Ommegang brewery has released a beer-themed books and TV series. The product is called Fire and Blood Red Ale and will be available with three different labels, which depict all the dragons old lady Targaryen Daenerys – Drogon, Raehal and Viserion. The beer went on sale in the US on 31 March, six days before the premiere of the new season of the series. Fire and Blood Red Ale is bottled in 750 ml and is quite modest by exclusive 8.50 apiece. If you were happy and thought that the taste of the beer is like fire and blood, then hurry to disappoint. It is a combination of raisins, ripe fruit and spicy seasonings, which were chosen specifically to convey the spirit of a draconian. So think about whether to send a messenger or better to equip a fleet and recapture the factory? After all, this beer should be drunk fans of the series every time die the new hero.

P. S. We began to love dwarfs. Now dwarfs are associated not with the adventurous elf from «Bad Santa», and with talented actors.

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