Game console Microsoft Xbox ONE 500 Gb

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_fBlVyTVUsYLtRYou probably are excited, because soon is in your hands it may be a new game console Microsoft Xbox ONE 500 Gb. In Russia, it’s not for sale yet, but very soon you will be able to withdraw some money from the family budget and buy this console. But first, let’s try to understand whether it is necessary for you.

Microsoft Xbox ONE is a thing which contains all the possible entertainment. In addition to exciting and realistic games you might give watching TV and movies, and even with it, you can hear the new album. This attachment will allow you to switch from TV to game, not only raising her ass off the couch, you don’t even have to press buttons, because the management console can be done via voice.

Want more features, come on. We all will not list, it doesn’t make sense: you can find them on any website which sell this miracle. So:

    • 8-core AMD Jaguar processor;
    • 32 MB of memory;
    • Hard disk of 500 GB;
    • Weight about 3.2 kg;
    • Optical drive: Blu-Ray (6x)/DVD.

Equipment Microsoft Xbox ONE 500 Gb includes:

  • Xbox One Console;
  • Xbox One wireless controller;
  • Camera-Kinect 2.0;
  • Monogender;
  • Power supply;
  • HDMI cable.


For the design we can say thanks to the guys from Microsoft, they, as always, made a model as minimalist, but not without a fine, and sometimes angled lines.

You are unlikely to fit this attachment, if you live in a cramped and littered with junk/appliances odnushke. The device is quite impressive size. This thing has the power supply, which you likely already had time to wean. You’ll also need AA batteries in the controller. So think well before taking this console. But if you do not confuse the small flaws, then put away some savings: you have to get rid of 22 000. Do not be mistaken.

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