Game console Exeq AIM Pro


With gaming consoles on Android there is one significant problem — the hardware on them is pretty weak. But a lot of pluses: push-button controls instead of touch, comfortable form factor and nice price, which allows you to buy a device with good performance cheaper than a tablet or phone. And what else is needed for games?

Game console Exeq AIM Pro is really very powerful, so the graphics in some games looks like a good console style portable Vita or outdated PS3 Xbox 360. Externally, the portable console is quite handy: anthropometrica form, joysticks and buttons so buttons and keys on the sides in large quantity. Diagonal console screen — 7 inches, just like there are in any phablet and the Samsung Mega. Touch screen and navigate the menu, very convenient. Although it will not surprise anyone. The only drawback to the appearance and design of the console — very stiff joysticks. To play comfortably, even very much, but to carry in your pocket — not very: joysticks hinder and hurt everything. However, there are cases.

In Exeq AIM Pro is a very good «iron». Of course, there are consoles that hardware is much cooler than this, but for modern games on mobile platforms at this stage of their development enough. The screen resolution is 1280×800. The amount of internal memory — 16 gigabytes, it is possible to increase via MicroSD. RAM — 2 GB. The processor cores include four pieces with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. Battery capacity — 5000 mAh, two days of active use in the calculation of intensity operating system Android enough. The device runs on Android 4.2, saying that peace can be improved. It is possible to connect a 3G modem.

Unlike most portable gaming consoles, brazenly copying the design of the Playstation Portable, Exeq AIM Pro has its own interesting design. A slight curve makes the console more pleasant to the touch. Buy a long time in Russia, the expected price — 8000 rubles.

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