Gagarin — the first man


You most likely now will exclaim: «what, in fact, a reason? Birthday of Gagarin? No. Cosmonautics day has already passed». But we can safely say that the time for Gagarin is always there.

Who the Gagarin know everything, because it is the first man in space, who overcame the force of gravity, he looked around and saw absolutely sphericity of the Earth without any traces of elephants and turtles. Many fans of conspiracy theories believe that the flight of Neil Armstrong really was the staging (even the evidence which is given), while Gagarin had actually been in space.


In General, lovers of conspiracies are questioning the whole life of Gagarin. They don’t like that the hero of the future perfect from the point of view of a Soviet engineer family: mother — a worker on the farm, and my dad is a carpenter and he spent his childhood in German-occupied village of Klushino. These two facts were very common with Gagarin Soviet people, because it was very similar to the man of the people. It is not surprising that people he immediately came to taste.

Later Gagarin entered Saratov industrial technical school, being also engaged in the flying club, where she first took the controls of the Yak-18. Just on account of Gagarin’s flying club had 196 flights a total duration of about an hour.


The first aviation school imeni Voroshilova Gagarin graduated with honors. Here they became interested in the Commission for selection of cosmonauts. One interesting feature, which gave Gagarin the psychologists of the Commission: «Loves a spectacle, where prevails heroics, the will to win, the spirit of competition. In sports takes the place of the initiator, the leader, the captain of the team. As a rule, here playing the role of his will to win, endurance, commitment, sense of community. Favorite word is «work». In the meetings makes sensible suggestions. Constantly confident in their abilities. Training carries easily, works effectively. Developed fairly harmoniously. Upright. Pure in soul and body. Polite, tactful, careful to punctuality. Intellectual development the Ura is high. A wonderful memory. Stands out among fellow wide scope of active attention, intelligence, quick reaction. Diligent. Does not hesitate to defend the point of view, which he considers proper». It seems to us that now «the conspirators» unanimously swore.


Together with Gagarin to fly into space, selected twenty people. The selection criteria was very interesting: age — 20-25 years, height not more than 170 centimeters and a weight of not more than 70 pounds. In addition, candidates were required to well withstand the load, be in excellent physical shape, have good reactions and to be mentally stable. The latter was particularly important, since Soviet scientists were convinced that in space, people will behave inappropriately, for the same reason they installed on the rocket a kind of captcha to switch to manual control, the cosmonaut had to get the envelope, removing the sheet and correctly enter the code written on it. I wonder how many attempts it was Gagarin?

When out of twenty candidates only two (Gagarin and Gherman Titov), the management had to decide who will fly into space. There is a legend that Gagarin took solely for his open smile. More mundane version is based on the fact that Yuri Gagarin was a great gentle nature, coupled with a strong mind.

According to an old tradition of pilots, before flying beyond Earth Gagarin peed on the back wheel of the bus, which drove him to the rocket. The reason is simple: the rocket has no wheels, and the need to urinate. Since then it has become a tradition for all those who are flying into space.

What happened next, you know: Gagarin flew into space and became the first person got there. Rumor has it that he often joked: «I was the first man or the last dog?» It does sound like him: sense of humor Gagarin was pretty good.

World tour made Gagarin a hero of the whole world, even the Queen of England condescended to be photographed with a simple Russian guy, Gagarin’s face was on the cover of all international publishers. It was an absolute wines, which for some time has United the whole world and all peoples.

The death of Gagarin gives a lot of food to all those fans of conspiracies. The fact that it’s still very little is known. He crashed on a training MiG-15UTI. We only know that in four minutes after the start of the mission, Gagarin requested permission to return to base, but later the connection was broken. The found remains were so disfigured that it is difficult to determine the identity of the person. Of course, Gagarin after his flight became a symbol, and the story shows that the characters and the characters remain longer in memory when you leave this life young. At the time of death of Gagarin was only thirty-four years.


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