Gadgets that will make your training

Dumbbells, resistance bands, ergonomic running shoes, slap from the coach – all this is the inventory, which allows you to achieve visible progress in their training. However, it is important to remember that any activity must be reasonable, not to overdo it and too overstrain your body. You need to monitor his condition. To do this, smart people with red and not very diplomas invented a special fitness gadgets that will not let you perish beneath the waves of his own enthusiasm.

Xiaomi mi band

Fitness trackers today appear like mushrooms after rain, and most of them are similar to each other in terms of functionality. Technically they are all the same, and apparently all look the same as Shanghai residents. The only difference, but this is not enough. So, after spending sleepless nights in search of great raisins, the Chinese company Xiaomi has chosen the right path, releasing a fitness wristband with a record-low cost of only $ 13! This is even with the current dollar rate is incredibly little. For comparison, the vaunted American Jawbone is shameless 129,99 dollars! However, there is a little caveat: for $ 13 you can buy only in China, and then only upon prior reservation. So, if you have in China, lost friends, feel free to ask them to buy this device. But even with all possible extra charges is worth surprisingly little. Only $ 32, including shipping costs to mother Russia.

But most importantly, the price is not affected the functionality and quality of the gadget. In the end, Ham – it’s not a clandestine gang them. Klim Chugunkin, and one of the most powerful firms in recent years, causing its production and market presence of acute psychosis from such titans as Apple and Samsung. And their power is growing every day.

The gadget has no Internet access, no fancy screen, no other research. In the end, it wasn’t created to boast, but for training. There is accelerometer, pedometer, protection from water and dust, the battery 41 mAh, and support for Android 4.4. Don’t forget the Chinese and about the design: the gadget looks quite nice. What else is necessary for happiness? Only start to train.

Striiv Fusion

These fitness bracelets have great functionality, easy to manage and have a stylish and modern design. The company Striiv released a unique range of Fusion, which consists of three models: Fusion, Fusion BIO Fusion Lite. Owners of these devices will be able to monitor their status at any time of the day, set fitness goals and track their implementation. In other words, it is a smart watch that report occurring in the body changes during exercise and display notifications from smartphone of incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and alerts from other apps.

In addition to the classic Striiv Fusion, the new company is BIO Fusion is the most advanced to date model of the series. The configuration of the Striiv Fusion BIO allows you to receive notifications (incoming calls, push notifications and SMS). The main difference of this model is the presence of heart rate. Three different strap colors would be a nice addition for owners of the bracelet. For those who are only one strap of black color and notifications about incoming calls, the company Striiv released a model of Fusion Lite. This option will please many a nice price.

You ask why you need to buy them, and not, say, the Jawbone UP3? First, they are two times cheaper, and secondly, they are reliable and comfortable as the T-34. The fire does not burn not sink in water, even to bathe. An important achievement of the company Striiv is the presence of the display, making the device comfortable to use. In addition, all models of the Fusion will not only guard your sleep, but also cheer you player and alarm clock. Not get bored with them, especially looking at their bright colors.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Before something to improve, it is necessary to measure something. Before you build your body, you need to know the smallest and the most slippery and thick details about the their body mass: fat ratio, muscle mass and real weight of the mythical «heavy bones.» On the market a lot of «smart scales», but they are inferior to the invention of the office called the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. All the body’s secrets can sync with your Fitbit account via Wi-Fi, don’t forget to start it.

A very handy device for those who monitors the results of a long-term work in the fitness field. And just allows you to better know yourself, what is called «inside».

By the way, the gadget can remember up to eight people, so that the balance can be rent out to your friends and family members.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Back to the trackers. There are people who are uncomfortable exercise where the arm is something loose. Maybe bad memories of detention or slavery – we don’t know. But especially for auditory learners nice office with a toad by the name Jabra has released a headset which combines both the functions of the fitness tracker, Sport Pulse Wireless. They especially like those who can’t practice without hearing «Eye of a tiger» or any of the other melodies and rhythms.

As already mentioned, it’s not just a comfortable wireless headset with good sound, which does not falls out of your ear at every opportunity, but also your reliable friend and a fitness partner, who will tell you what the heart rate reached the maximum level of the established regime, let me remind you about the progress of the assigned tasks will report data on the frequency of the pulse, or very hint that a heart attack was 1 approach. All of these indicators, the gadget measures in the inner ear using optical heart rate sensor and gyroscope. So, while you run, in your ear are true research.

Withings Activité

A fitness tracker is ready to take care of your health all day, but sometimes they look at you just uncalled for, especially when you go to social events with shamanic dancing and drinking in an expensive classic suit. For such purposes and was created Withings Activitéfirst sight and can not be distinguished from expensive watches. Not only that, they have a good analog (aka a dial) dial, quality leather strap and sapphire crystal, like all «rich» hours, so they are still held his leather hand on the pulse of your physical condition. However, if you do not pay attention to the fact that the watch has no crown, and on a scale that reflects the progress of the achievement of a goal, it is possible not to notice anything. But they can be located up to 50 metres away, train and monitor the quality of their sleep.

Traditionally hours have got my own application where you can view personalized recommendations, statistics and even plan your training. Rumor has it that one button battery will last for eight months of uninterrupted work.

The only thing that forces them to doubt, so is the price in $450. But on the other hand, guaranteed Swiss quality and versatility. And the rest think for yourself.

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