Gadgets from the movies, about which you dreamed in the childhood 80s and 90s gave us a lot of cool movies that we enjoyed watching as a child on VHS and illegally downloaded to computers as adults. We loved them for a happy ending and the knowledge that the good man always in the end will kick ass villain during his farewell speech. Implausible storylines, exaggerated characters and of course the fantastic gadgets that have deprived us of sleep and appetite, so we wanted to get at least one for their personal use. For example…

1. The diminutive unit, «Honey, I shrunk the kids», 1989


Eccentric but lovable scientist and inventor Wayne Zielinski won the competition » father of the year, when his children and a few neighbor found reduces the machine and accidentally turned yourself into tiny creatures, barely visible to the eye. Needless to say, all ended well, the kids don’t get trampled and raped a female praying mantis. They returned to their normal form by means of some convenient «reverse», and then took two more pieces of the film.

How would you use it today: to move large furniture in the apartment.

2. The Harbinger Of Zoltar, «Big», 1988

12-year-old boy makes a wish to become «big» in front of this ancient kind of machine for predictions. Then he wakes up over the age of 18, renting a luxurious penthouse in new York and starts a relationship with a grown woman.

How would you use it today: to wish for more wishes or a hot girlfriend his age.

3. Lightsaber, Star wars, the first appearance on screen was in 1977


Lightsaber – the weapon of the Jedi and Sith, was the main instrument of defense and attack throughout the space Saga. The beam which emerges from the handle, could cut the enemy to pieces, but its sleek exterior and mysterious sounds when movement makes each boyish heart skip a beat from fierce envy.

How would you use it today: boring talks and auction.

4. Time machine-a phone box, «the Incredible adventures of bill and Ted», 1989

Students bill and Ted can create a utopian distant future, if only a couple of years to create a musical group. But first they have to pass a history exam, otherwise they will take off from school and no group will be. Oh, and no utopian future. To prevent this, they have the support of a traveler in time, what is inside the phone box, which perfectly cuts through time and space. Now bill and Ted will be able to get to a variety of ages and prepare for such an important for the world exam.

How would you use it today: go back and do it again to observe the rapid rise of career of Keanu Reeves.

5. Converter, «Men in black», 1997


The thing is that, like the eraser, erase from your mind certain memories, while not affecting the brain. It is the catalytic Converter is the main means of hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life, which is the Corporation MIB for many years.

How would you use it today: interviews until, until they become perfect. To erase the memory of the girl that very night, when you couldn’t.

6. Julebord, «Back to the future – 2», 1989


Since the end of last year the guys on the «Kickstarter» collect loot to create a flying Board Marty McFly. Well, then, for many, this thing was an unattainable dream and a passionate object of desire. Of course! Ride this to school and see the stunned faces of my classmates – priceless…

How would you use it today: the watch rush solved.

7. Positronic connector, «Ghostbusters», 1984


If it’s cool enough for bill Murray, it’s cool enough for you. Positronic connector, or a particle accelerator, or «Proton Pack» is a cool gadget, which keeps the whole film and without which the fight against evil would be simply impossible.

How would you use it today: efficient cleaning of the refrigerator from evil spirits.

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