Gabriel Garcia Marquez: he left, but promised to return

manygoodtips.com_16.04.2015_WtyWxKpv7Gv4BIf Marquez was filming a movie, it would be like the films of Kusturica. Too many similarities in the magical realism of the great writer and great Director. Although magical realism Marquez is probably the more vital. In it, the characters swore, cursed, did stupid things, had reached the top and quickly fell down and lived the dream. The whole history of mankind was described in his novels and short stories. Some of my friends claimed that Marquez is difficult to read, but if you already started, it is nearly impossible to put down. He wrote rough, manly, pouring written wisdom and adding large portions of the tragedy. However, if you pull any quote from the text, it looks gentle, very poetic, incredibly beautiful and definitely sad. This is a paradox of his texts.

Marquez is the best way to understand why certain people do very strange things. If you want to seem smarter and create before the eyes of his comrades saw the illusion of life, then read Marquez. It’s very simple: he described it as it is. I know there is a world of Tolkien, where elves and dwarves fighting evil in the bravado of beautiful phrases, but there is «the Witcher» Sapkowski, where the characters are shit, swear, drink, and copulate. The characters of Marquez are exactly the same. They live. But they always want to regret. order to understand márquez, you need to dip into his biography and a brief look at that poor, funny and completely crazy country, where he was born. Colombia, with its resources and capacity, like the heroes of the works of meter, she drove itself into the abyss of poverty and disorder. First endless civil wars and coups, and then the business, which has put the country on the juicy mark narkotorgovku. Like any self-respecting banana Republic XX century, Colombia was looking for himself and his own way in the endless military coups. Sometimes reached the ridiculous when the next fighter for justice overthrown a week after his ascension. So was born the image of the legendary Colonel, to whom no one writes – Aureliano Buendia. It is vital the image is absolutely real «Tesaketneri war.»

Marquez started as a journalist and visited in this capacity the Moscow festival of youth and cinema. After this visit between Russia and Marquez started strong sympathy of a lifetime. By the way, Marquez was active with the Communist leaders, the Democrats took the writer under continuous control.

I have always said and will never give up his words that the most interesting people live in Russia.By the way, Russia awarded him the medal of honor. After all, as it affected our prone to righteous sadness, the brain is not affected by anybody. And let the proof of this will serve as the album Egor Letov and the same song «BI-2».

However, the work of the journalist interfered with lots of creativity, especially after participating in the informal Association of writers and journalists «Group Baranquilla». To write articles and reviews in the magazine – a good thing, but the great work requires great sacrifice. Writing such a tormented soul gems as the «Evil hour» and «nobody writes to the Colonel», he realized that to continue to put it off any longer.

I had a wife and two small sons. I worked as a PR Manager and edited screenplays. But to write a book, you had to give up work. I laid the car and give the money to Mercedes. Every day she somehow extracted me paper, cigarettes, all that is necessary. When the book was over, it turned out that we got the butcher 5,000 pesos – a lot of money. Around there was a rumor that I’m writing a very important book, and all the shopkeepers wanted to participate. To send a text to the publisher, had 160 pesos, and there were only 80. Then I laid the mixer and Hairdryer Mercedes. On hearing this, she said, «it is Not enough that the novel was bad.»

manygoodtips.com_16.04.2015_9l1FVSHJWv2VaAnd Roman was not that good, and brilliant, possibly the best in the history of world literature. Too strong a word? Before writing this article, I read «one Hundred years of solitude». And you know what: I’m ready to answer for his words. The third time I read the same book that sometimes due to the large amount of information and names reminiscent of the encyclopedia books where there is a proposal on two pages, where some moments are puzzling, and is still a big shock. The family history of Buendia, whose ancestral curse was «alone», shocked all. The novel is about people who, even in close-knit family suffered from loneliness, what could be more symbolic for our time? So Marquez was given the Nobel prize in 1982. Oh, and for the faith in technological progress.

For science there is no distance. Soon the man from the comfort of home, you will see everything that is happening in every corner of the earth.He has not United the world in his prose, but demonstrated why all falls to hell.

He became a symbol of the era, having written the most important novel in the history of literature, after «don Quixote» of Cervantes. He wrote books about people who were useful to people. What he was describing? Utterly simple things: cool Colombian rain, incest, corpses, loneliness, civil war, odors and, of course, a patio. All these words are now firmly associated with genius, which for a year was gone. Of course, you can say that Colombia did not have a son worthy of Gabriel josé de La Concordia «Gabo» garcía márquez that he was a worthy citizen, a worthy pulls a terrible image of the country on the backs of his own greatness and admitted that he was a great family man, educated, incidentally, winner of the Cannes film festival that the legacy we have inherited his magical works that should be read by anyone who just wants to sound smart. But what is it? As they used to say old is Ursula Buendia, the only sane character in the entire book:

That may be so, but not quite.And by golly, I think this is the best and succinct introduction to the history of literature. It describes all entirely and separately.

And while I advise everyone to visit its Macondo and to think about their spiritual solitude. Or just to read another novel of the great writer, at least «memories of my sad whores» – part autobiography, part fiction. The latest invention of the Maestro, already fading from a long, more than twenty years of war with its own diseases.

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