Gabe Newell: heavy icon of the gaming industry

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2016_oTK4dMNMrqLOgWe have long thought what comes before: our article or Half-Life 3? As you can see, we won. I only wish the old Gabe did not warn about this. Maybe the guy has at least some incentive would be. Apparently, all attempts to make lady Newell to release the third part of the game that you crave to see more than the Arabs to European citizenship, powerless. But unless Gabe himself this worse? It is, of course, very difficult and mitrapap (and remembering the volume of the priests, it is possible to estimate the volume of tricks) for his 53 years of life he had done enough deeds that fans of the gaming industry ready to swing his giant carcass at the hands, earning a schmorl’s hernia and protrusion of intervertebral discs.

«I was born!»

It all began in the distant 1962, with the help of simple movements parents managed to conceive, and then to squeeze the world of the future head of the Titan, the defender and the most famous facilitator of ideas of the Holy and righteous PC gaming. The early years Gabe Logan Newell is little known, but, apparently, he knew a lot about Commerce and profit. Ancient manuscripts and Egyptian manuscripts of the time of the third dynasty begins the story with that well-known moment, when in 1983 a talented programmer, he left his training no where else, and at Harvard. Still, why do such things when you are cocky and act according to the example of idols – bill gates and Paul Allen, also dropped out.

Actually, him and Gabe went, because the desire to work and creative talent of the producer was seen immediately. Gabe could be seen from afar not only because of the volume of the body, but due to his health. In those days Windows not a bunch of programmers of all stripes, aimlessly open the window with the mouse and invent new ugovori refresh «Windows» to ten. No, then it was kosher Sabantuy is a very talented and very greedy young professionals whose names subsequently reverberating roar of thunder over a small country of computer geeks. Gabe, like any cocky shmuck says that thanks to him the first three edition of Windows came out such viable, and likes to refer to himself only as «the producer of the first three releases».

Newell would continue to work in the «evil Corporation», but under the lush folds of fat near good heart was hidden talent of the Creator, who each year work at bill gates made itself felt stronger and stronger. And at one point the video game world shook under the onslaught of his beloved offspring. The gaming industry was still very young and virgin girl, but id Software came up with Quake, and it became clear that the world will never be the same. Gabe was struck by the work of the former graphic designer of Microsoft, Michael Abrash, who has been drawing Quake.

Feeling the wind of change, Gabe realized that it is urgent to seize the opportunity and occupy long been interested in the market. Taking the arm of his friend Mike Harrington, he went into the unknown, creating a Corporation that will change the world – Valve. Well, actually no uncertainty they had, the game industry knew Gabe, thanks to his efforts, the second game in the series DOOM has been available for Windows users. And with the creation of a company with zero» should not occur, because money was like dirt. The fact that Newell with Harrington was one of the first so-called «Microsoft millionaires» – the first employees of the company, grown rich on the growth of its shares. For 13 years the money has accumulated a lot, plus add diplomatic abilities Newell. The person who at the time was able to convince the industry of fitness with «Windows» for games and therefore popularitati it could not be doomed to failure.

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2016_rGMTpkamD48NeGeorge Lucas needs to distribute the source code of «Star wars». Millions of fans could create their own films and stories in the universe. Most of them were terrible, but some are brilliant.

What you need to succeed?

So, in 1996, scary and a leap year. In Russia – the craziest in the entire history of elections in the United States killed Tupac Shakur, the beginning of the broadcasting of TV channel «STS». And in these crazy series of events no one noticed as two fairly spent millionaire with a large staff began a riveting story.

The first game company was supposed to be a 3D-shooter Quiver, running on the Quake engine. It was assumed that the action will unfold in the fashion in that time space, the main character is Ivan the space biker. The game was finished in 1997, but Newell was unhappy with the result and decided to continue the development process for another year. But the game finished only in 1998, and completed so well that it is still in the older gamers roll a few tears of joy at the mere mention. Half-Life, and have nothing else to say. Everything else you know. Gordon Freeman, crowbar and all kinds of monstrous freaks, some of whom persistently as a drunken Deputy, trying to suck you in.

If we chased every new fashion, we’d already be bankrupt.It was a real success. Over the developments and ambitions of newcomers at the Valve I laughed just lazy, but 2.5 million copies sold, quickly made everyone shut their filthy mouths. Half-Life was applied many innovative techniques: for example, unlike most first-person shooters, produced at a time in Half-Life was not the in-game video, and the player could control the character throughout the game. Newell repeatedly said that Half-Life created because the first-person shooters that are so admired it in the early 1990s, become dull – a number of innovative solutions have helped Newell to solve this problem.

After the success of Half-Life and yield no less epic the second part, the new brainchild of the office was Counter-Strike. It is possible that you are reading this article during the break between the game, so to talk about the legend is simply meaningless. And then a mysterious Portal, unbalanced-fun Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead is horrible, and of course, Dota 2. Well worth you something to talk about will dotco?

In light of Valve’s offices the team at Valve, Newell often hired experienced, and young and talented employees who have made great strides in the industry. It Newell realized the potential of Counter-Strike – shooter that was originally a modification of Half-Life. He acquired the rights to the game and employed to Valve the creators of. However, there are other examples. For example, the company had a Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis hired for his blog about the European financial crisis like Gabe, a former artist of the puppet theater, Creator of special effects for the movies «the Lord of the rings» and «king Kong». This is due to the fact that in the office are highly valued people who are able to simplify everything, but we know because of personal sympathy.

To me than once people came up and said, «I always say my son / my daughter how lucky they are that they work in a team and I’m proud of them». And then I say to myself: «this man just have at least 5 years will work for us.»Once leaked on the Internet a guide with which to see each new employee of Valve. Next to the name of Newell, the head of the company, is the inscription: «Of all the people in the company who aren’t your boss, Gabe is not in the HIGHEST degree.»

In General, the office of Valve – the dream of the anarchist. Employees independently form the working groups, luring each other from project to project. Only the group decides who will become the current leader, who will keep in mind all the information about the project and to coordinate it. Valve encourages frequent changing of the composition of groups to avoid being swallowed up by bureaucracy, and they were on the user side. This approach is manifested, in particular, that the tables all employees are equipped with wheels – this facilitates constant movement.

Literally staff need to up their posts. But this situation is only possible with complete independence from publishers, from investors, from anyone. Shares belong to the employees, and if one terrible day Valve goes bankrupt, no one will be able to buy, employees will be dismissed, and the company will slowly sink into oblivion.

But the main reason why Valve bursting crowd of the talents is that no one is limited. There does not put the person in the frame, doing all that he was comfortable to work with. And as this is a completely different matter. Valve appreciates people who are able to do several things at once. Even with the audience they communicate conventional programmers that Express the talent. Valve is a family, it is cozy, like on my birthday, not crazy women, they even all go together once a year trip. I don’t want you to think that you can sit in the office, talking with his foot and doing nothing. If you screw up, answer it in full. And if you want to go, polyvi megatalented artist, designer, programmer. Valve reputation of bounty hunters who are massively recruited talents in all spheres.

manygoodtips.com_25.02.2016_b8R83L5itSH2NHere, for example, we do not track clearly being on sick leave or holiday from our staff: once we trust the decisions that they make in the development of trust and skills of time management. Actually, doesn’t really matter how many days people spent in hospital and he was late for three days with the release of the holiday or not. But for those who come to us to work from, say, Hollywood, it’s in my head. And we tell them that this thing with flexible holidays unlimited sick days a year – something like a table on wheels: designed to work for everyone.Perhaps the most important talent Gabe can be called fantastic flair and understanding what the user wants. Following the success of massively multiplayer online games, Gabe and the team developed the Steam online distribution service games made by Valve. First Newell, who always thought not only about the products but about the user experience, was negotiating with Amazon, Cisco and Yahoo, but neither one of the companies he has failed to sign a contract for distribution of games, so in 2003 he launched Steam. Over time, using the service, their games began to spread and other companies-developers: SEGA, Atari, Epic Games and others.

In 13 years of existence of the service added many opportunities, and recently, Valve announced Steam OS – an operating system that will allow players to organize a game streaming on your home network and will have even more features. Also, which Valve promises to release its own Steam Machine and the Steam controller. And, of course, let’s not forget about virtual reality helmet SteamVR, developed in collaboration with the STC. All of these products have caught the fancy of the press and the audience on various game shows, but I would like to feel clingy custom paws and appreciate personally. I want to in a virtual arms race Gabe won.

The business model of Steam has been very successful and brought a huge profit to Valve, through which the company now competes on an equal footing with Sony and Microsoft and has the ability to produce not only games, but hardware.

Father Gabe could you understand, Gabe is a real go-getter. Maybe, he was big, kind and silly, like a pillow, but you really need at least a little familiar with his activities, to understand how it is powerful and adventurous. By the way, manages the company independently, because Harrington, after becoming similar in appearance to the rapper Basta, decided to leave the charismatic leader.

Newell, of course, is not a tyrant, but in his big fist concentrated powerful Corporation that regularly gives people sight. And despite the scandals associated with marijuana use, prostitution and use of prostitutes with marijuana, he has a strong family, with two nice sweet male. As for herbs, mind-numbing… Well, who doesn’t?

And he has an interesting hobby – plumbing. In the garage he put the machines and in his spare time carving different bells and whistles. Even barrels with salt for bluing steel acquired, ish, a tricky! He mechanic «from the gaming industry,» says this wonderful class after the hours spent in front of the monitor.

We should love Newell for his responsiveness. Unlike many other well-known representatives of the game industry, Gabe talks directly with the audience: he is actively involved in the discussions on the Steam forums, and organizes the discussion of issues related to the development of a Valve, and often answers emails users. To recall the story, when Gabe helped the user faster than the moderators on Steam. Largely because of this, Newell is not a person, just a walking meme. And he’s looking at a million jokes dedicated to him, just happily smiling. Anyway, we hope so.

However, there are things that the Holy fat man can not take under any sauce. It’s console gamers. To consoles it persistent retching, he despises people who buy machines that can play lying down. That’s why not hesitate to throw a few sharp phrases in the address of their colleagues.

The PS3 is a total disaster, and in many ways. I think it is quite clear – Sony just lost the idea of what they want their buyers and developers. And I think even now they should just cancel everything and start again. Just say: «It was a terrible misunderstanding, and we regret it and are going to stop selling console and convince developers to create games under her.» Quite another thing – Wii. I bet that next Christmas will be sold much more Wii than Xbox 360. Some people think I’m crazy, but I really like what Nintendo is doing.Although Windows he does not like. Bad «eight,» he smashed to smithereens, preferring Linux.

Figure 3 in the life of Gabe let’s touch on the main conspiracy mystery Newell: Valve games, why not third party? Even when Gabe worked at Microsoft, the third release of Windows was known as Windows 2.1. This means that he is afraid of the number 3, and we will never see a new Half-Life?

According to Gabe, Valve, modern focuses on the strategic objectives, giving players and developers a new platform-the online Steam store, Steam Machines, virtual reality helmet HTC Vive and other similar products. This does not mean that Valve will no longer develop games, but to them in the company are treated as «instruments» with which you can learn new skills. As for Half-Life 3, then this «tool» has not yet come. Newell said that the company is aware of the feelings of the fans of the series and well I understand them, but his staff is also clear that sometimes the desired have to wait very long. Finally, he hinted that the real impetus for the emergence of new parts of the game could serve as mass members of the Studio to release it.

Simply put, look at anarchy in their office. They just never get around to do it. But even so, Gabe does not cease to be the heaviest and the biggest icon of the gaming industry.

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