Future wife in a bar will not meet

Where we came the fashion for all sorts of drinking establishments? From the rotten capitalist West? Most likely, the way it is. On the one hand, this fashion fits perfectly into the modern concept of life of urban people: alcohol, loud music is the atmosphere provokes the ease of communication and the lack of seriousness with respect to each other. On the other hand, if you want something really serious and thoughtful, the bar for it to go is not: you will not find. It is difficult to meet the very girl. Why?

When you’re in for a long time don’t make a serious relationship, friends, awakens compassion and desire to help you. «You should at least in the world came out, but notice they would meet anybody». The phrase «to go out» refers to all the bars and night clubs. To such speeches, I wanted to scream. Since when these places become an ideal place for travelers? Do I have to torture myself on Friday night and instead of relaxing at home or bike rides to go to a bar and drink beer with the double mark-up, while simultaneously trying to talk drunk girl who tomorrow won’t even remember my name? It’s better, you know, alone.

So I can give you a lot of reasons why Dating in a bar isn’t going anywhere!

1. It is detrimental environment for relations

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation in a noisy bar on Friday night? It is simply impossible. Words are difficult to hear and to understand, and figuring out what you just said takes more time than needed on that phrase. If there was the ability to include subtitles!

Alternative: party with friends or just get-togethers. The atmosphere is fun, more chances to talk normally or to move to a more quiet location.

2. Alcohol makes everything seem better

When you drink, all the problems no longer seem challenges. You immediately become bolder and friendlier. People are starting to look better, more interesting to talk to, to joke wittier, and even the ugly situation turns you into little troubles. And how do you think the girl will be there for you in such circumstances? Hardly sober you would have paid attention to it. To start a relationship with drunken eyes is a bad idea. It’s like trying to laugh stoned: he laughs at anything, but not because it’s funny.

Alternative: it’s better cafes. Coffee sharpens the senses, uplifting and makes us more attentive. But then it will be something to regret.

3. Fans of bars — absolutely certain type of people

Alcohol and screaming music — these things create a fertile ground for the charge and adventure for one night. Perhaps this is what you wanted friends when he said «go into the light.» It’s nice that they care about you, but such adventures are not needed for all. If you need a serious relationship to begin with woman for this is not yet ripe, is a fruitless idea. As a result, some of you will be heartbroken.

Alternative: friends of friends. Friends always know someone who knows someone appropriate. At least good friends would at least try to help.

4. Sometimes bars are just not conducive to Dating

Bars special atmosphere, even the smell is special: the combination of notes of fried foods, basement, alcohol, cigarette smoke (even if you are sitting in a smoke-free section, there will still smell like smoke — I don’t know how he manages to be so ubiquitous). Of course, dudes in such an atmosphere it is pleasant to be (at least there are), but the girls hardly.

Alternative: how about meeting at the wedding? There are at least dominated by a romantic mood. If you have been invited to a wedding and you don’t have a pair, here’s your chance! Invite someone to dance.

5. Bar does not guarantee that you will have similar interests

Start a conversation in a bar is not easy. Something to talk about? «Oh, you have a cool beer?» Little fertile soil, not that in yoga class, when you at least get the pleasure of common interests. There you can ask her advice on technique or nutrition. So, the bars have a definite advantage: they attract a huge number of really different people, but for every plus there is minus. You’re lucky if Babel bar will be a woman with similar interests and you will choose her. Bad if there’s a will not, or you’re just mistaken.

Alternative: Go to any courses in foreign language, the same yoga or other sports activities, culinary school, school of flight attendants — several thousands of darkness.

Of course, every rule there are exceptions. There are couples tied the acquaintance. And there, on the first date my girlfriend too drunk — though we already knew each other and had a drink not in a bar, but that’s another story. Most importantly, we were not sober. In General, the main message is clear: bars are only one of thousands of options.

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