Future horizons

manygoodtips.com_3.02.2015_jUKtz9xjICMeAScientific and technological progress sweeping the Ground with great strides. We have many wonderful things have the ability to send messages to the other end of the planet, learning to print on 3D printers and fascinated watching the life of a lonely Rover on Twitter. We are afraid of the Large hadron Collider and inspires the idea of an infinite Universe. We do not understand why rustles a bag, but want to know more about Black holes and quantum entanglement of particles.

The image of the new reality long gone on the horizon. It remains to extend only 10-15 years to witness science fiction in reality. I hope we don’t turn into radioactive ash, and asteroids, as before, to fly around the planet side. In any case, it’s nice to think that we can expect from scientific progress in the short term:

Digital life

Work.com.ua_3.02.2015_ud1cTuprQYSANComputers are becoming faster. E-the brain is also improved, and even your smartphone long wit ‘ you.

Thanks to the American-British project OpenWorm, the world’s first digital living organism was a worm. His «brain» has been fully digitized and transferred to the robot, and then the miracle of technology skillfully a little, but certainly imitated gray and dull life of invertebrate creatures. For scientists, this was a breakthrough, and for the rest of mankind – subtle hint: this technology could be the key to immortality. Digital immortality.

Scanning and digitization of the brain, allowing to transfer human consciousness into a computer, the theory officially hypothetical. Experiments with the worm have demonstrated its reality, but the complexity of the implementation.

In the future development of this area will depend on two factors: the degree of acceleration of computers and the level of knowledge of the human brain. We can assume further digitization of the simplest living organisms, but digital immortality we are hardly going to make it.

There are other perspectives to prolong life.

On the way to immortality

manygoodtips.com_10.02.2015_r8BfI5ChQdH64Dolly the sheep was «born» back in 1996, opening the world’s eyes to the amazing possibilities of genetic engineering. Humanity cheered and prepared for immortality, but here the sheep died suddenly, shattering all hope and closed franckie sarcophagi. The cloning experiments stopped, driven by international prohibitions on similar activities of scientists.

However, the path to life extension was found where not expected. The development of nanotechnology allows us to optimistically look to the future.

Celebrant was the theory of molecular prosthetics, which is long-term introduction into the cells of a functioning molecular robots capable of preventing damage of the molecules or to treat them immediately after the occurrence.

You have already created some prototypes of such primitive molecular machines. One of the most difficult is the nanorobot «DNA box», created at the end of 2008, and two years later was first demonstrated molecular machines based on DNA.

The probability of occurrence in the next decade pill full of nanobots, is quite high. Imagination opens up completely new possibilities in medicine, with subsequent libertatia person.

Imagine that you have not only mounted in the eye, but the ability to grow the lost organs on the way home from work. By the way, how are you going to get there: by metro or by using a pocket teleporter?


manygoodtips.com_3.02.2015_lifI0x2Ox3b2xThe instantaneous movement of objects at great distances seem to have stopped the invention of science fiction. Of course, it is still difficult to teleport her friend away, until he decided immodestly to have a drink with friends at the bar. Do not worry, everything is found. At the moment there are some serious scientific theories, allowing the possibility of teleporting the bodies. Some researchers base their arguments on the concept of the offset space, others speak about the possibility of accelerating to superluminal velocities, the third building of the atomic theory of moving objects.

Unfortunately, at the moment most of the hypotheses are divided on the issue of the impossibility of their experimental verification: to validate some of the theories need more energy than the sun produces over a thousand years.

However, the fans of quantum mechanics to make a breakthrough. Back in 1997, was successfully held not only the launch of the TV channel REN TV, but also the world’s first teleportation. A group of physicists led by Anton Zeilinger and Francesco de Martini experimentally implemented quantum teleportation of a photon state. The results were confirmed and improved in 2006, 2009 and 2010. Dated September 2012, last record – teleportation is 143 km.

Of course, talk about moving big, and especially living objects, that is not necessary. In «rabbit hole» from the film «interstellar» we still endlessly. In the perspective of 10-15 years – increase the number of photons teleporting and overcome their distance. Probably by this time the «Mail of Russia» will work much faster, but dramatic progress in moving objects is possible only if the revolution in the energy sector.

Energy revolution

manygoodtips.com_3.02.2015_IsaAEpeo8YrgiAlternative sources of power as a panacea for oil and gas the slavery of our civilization, which systematically gets in the environment of the Earth. In the near future there will come a critical moment, and we are confident this will be the starting point of the energy revolution, when mankind will have to abandon oil rigs in favor of the habitability of the home planet.

Today physicists have proposed a scheme of » sveshtarovo material that can absorb up to 99% of solar energy. According to scientists, the use of their invention will allow to create highly efficient solar panels.

Besides using solar, wind and geothermal energy to the forefront of get away new technology, the patents which have long been in the hands of major corporations. Cars on biofuel and hydrogen are a small fraction of. We are talking about qualitatively new forms of energy, up to «cosmic rays», suggested by Nikola Tesla.

Speaking of cosmic perspectives.


manygoodtips.com_3.02.2015_vS9PsMO29hqEjElon Musk and his company Space X are serious. In the nearest plans – the colonization of Mars that provides for the creation of habitable bases on the planet’s surface.

A separate issue concerns the process of building such dwellings. The most interesting version seems to us a process programmed printing framework based on known technology of 3D printing. Sounds fantastic, but conversations about such initiatives from year to year become louder.

The programming hypothesis suggests that the planet is delivered to a printer, which starts printing the building for people in automated mode, using the soil surface as the material. With the development of robotics and the emergence of digital consciousness a bold theory begins to seem feasible, delighting young colonialists and lovers of adventures.

Therefore, the occurrence in the next 10 years human base on another planet is more a reality than a fantasy. Subject revolution in the energy sector, the development of nanotechnology and robototekhniki that the coming years will be the most interesting and rich in discoveries in the history of mankind.

Tours to rest in the Martian troughs. Soon.

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