Funeral strippers

manygoodtips.com_13.08.2014_R2ZR9hk4agTmMNow you’re young and hot, but there will come a time, when the time comes to think about a posthumous fate of his mortal body: the modern world and technology offer many ways to decorate the world with their remains. Instead of boring smolder in the ground, into orbit, to become a coral reef, or to please grieving farewell celebration with strippers.

Before you is a collection of seven fine ways to keep the memory of his earthly life.


Rinaldo Willy, CEO and founder of fancy funeral — Algordanza, whose fame extends to the open spaces of Switzerland. The company produces «memorial diamonds» and uses the latest technology to dark ashes came the brilliant diamond that you can store in a box of precious wood», or make it a pendant, ring and even earrings. To make candy, so to speak, from scrap materials. Also, the peculiarity lies in the fact that these synthetic diamond is almost impossible to distinguish from the present. To perpetuate his remains in a beautiful decoration, you will need about 300 gr. gunpowder and 20 thousand dollars.


English funeral home And Vinyli with the eloquent logo R. I. V. (rest in vinyl) offers to compress your ashes into a vinyl record with your favorite song or a soulful farewell speech. Each client is encouraged to produce up to 30 records with a total duration of 20 minutes. Some of the original recording noise and rattle, almost teeth, which should remind listeners of the living about the impermanence of the world. Eh, it’s all ashes…



One of the most environmentally friendly modes of burial is to move human ashes into an artificial coral reef. Remains help the coral polyps to grow and push the hour of their complete disappearance.


One of the most popular contemporary funeral agencies — portrait in a long and eternal memory. From its own ashes. A professional artist will add it in acrylic paint and with a deft flick of the wrist, draw your favourite landscape or portrait of the deceased. By the way, some artists write such a picture is not just for ordering but also for modern art exhibitions.



If Jimmy, our all, Hendrix died in the city of Teshi (Ghana), it would be buried in a coffin in the form of gorgeous electric guitars. The people of this town bury the dead in coffins dreams, upon prior reservation. Usually, this is directly related to the profession or hobby of the deceased. Coffins in the shape of a gun, bottle of whiskey or trains are not such a rarity for the funeral services of the town.


Many of us since childhood dream to become astronauts. But those who flew into space only in dreams, ritual Celestis offers to do it in time eternal sleep. A pinch of your ashes sent into earth orbit, or just surf the galaxy in outer space.



Numerous provinces of Taiwan, there is the original tradition of farewell to the deceased, which is accompanied by the noisy revelry with strippers. «Strip-the funeral» is a passionate girl in a bikini or short dresses, seductive dance, while in the back of a colorful truck with a trailer. It is clear that children in such an indecent funeral is not allowed.

The rhythms of far Eastern music, the festive mood — a decent burial with dignity for the old guy.

Permission for such a pleasant disgrace due to several factors, the first of which is rooted in the history of religion. There is an opinion that loud music assists the soul of the deceased is easier to adjust to the afterlife. We can assume that it is such a welcome party.

The second factor is more trivial: a similar process is arranged for those who are still in life, was a lover of hot parties.

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