Functional pocket knives

A man without a knife? Every male representatives than will be a great gift. Folding knives have excellent features, ease of carry, but not everyone likes the dudes. He who is not against to buy a great blade that will help with the housework and just be a great companion in life or long journey, you will appreciate this collection of three high quality knives. In addition, almost all of these knives can be found in specialized shops of the city.

Buck Bones


This sleek black knife is light enough, despite the fact that is of average size. The coating makes the blade and the handle is slippery to the touch, but the curved handle helps to hold the tool without slippage. Lock holds blade securely, allowing, however, relatively quickly remove the cutting part. Remarkable and the handle of the Buck Bones: it is convenient for both lefties and righties. Tregulova blade has the form of «tanto» and covered with powder coating. The presence and the toothed notches closest to the handle. Blade material — stainless chromium steel with oxide film. Knife weight — 127 grams. Estimated price — $40.

Ontario XM-1


The hilt of the Ontario XM-1 — thin and comfortable enough. Removing the blade can be equally good as your bare hands and with gloves on. The weight is quite noticeable — 170 grams. Ontario Knife Company long time is engaged in the supply of tools and edged weapons for the army, so every knife and multitool, this company is total control. Length sharp blade is 3.4 inches, it is made from stainless steel with a great hardness, which implies many years of reliable service even in adverse conditions. This knife is suitable for right-handers and left-handers. Ontario XM-1 open smoothly and noiselessly, the lock holding the blade is made of titanium. Made in Italy, in the service of many European armies. Estimated price is $250.

Joe Pardue Utilitac II JPT 3R


Quite a cheap lightweight knife. Weight Joe Pardue Utilitac II JPT 3R is slightly less than 150 grams. The blade has an interesting design and sits well in the hand. Open it with one hand, easily and naturally, than can not boast of even the expensive instances of folding knives. For the convenience of wearing Joe Pardue Utilitac II JPT 3R is equipped with a long nylon cord. Overall, it is a good choice for agriculture and other needs: convenient, cheap and relatively easy. Material of blade — stainless steel blade is Made in Taiwan. Approximate price — $ 30.

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