Fun ways as much as possible not to die

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2014_EccJHiwLD07Y0Tips on how to live happily ever after, always look very fresh. Open another post designed to give you this valuable advice, and sadly scrollery the same recommendation about broccoli, lots of water and movement. Long life immediately ceases to seem something seductive and alluring: instead, it turns into an endless and tiresome a number of useful and completely uninteresting actions. says: bullshit! You can have fun and live a long life. To stay in this world — so with music and fun, otherwise what’s the point?


Moderate alcohol consumption does not lead to death, whereas a complete rejection of it increases your risk of dying prematurely. Moreover, according to science, absolutely sober people die more often and earlier hardcore alcoholics. We do with it, so it is! This does not mean, of course, that you every evening is to empty a bottle of vodka, but a glass of red wine or a pint of beer won’t hurt.

Sex. A lot!

Scientists gave men a new way of scoring the ladies: «Want to live longer? Come to me!» Sexual activity improves health. Science earnestly found that regular sexual life helps not to become a corpse. Logical, but no less nice.

Sex improves health, relieves stress and even makes the mind sharper. Moreover, frequent orgasms (about 100 per year) increase life expectancy by three to eight years and reduce the risk of premature death by as much as 50 percent. Yes this is great news!


Daily shopping reduces the risk of dying prematurely by 28 per cent and is among men! Women are lucky a little less — 23 percent. This does not mean you have to waste money for such things. Here the main point is the priority of the common human heart of communication and walk over the orders via the Internet.

Be friends with the merry

Laughter makes you happy and adds merry to eight years of life. The fact that it helps to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels — unless, of course, not to neigh like a horse. Hysterical laughter threatened by excessive stimulation of the internal organs, and it can hurt. According to scientific data, cancer patients with a good sense of humor survive in 70 times more often. Just think, man, 70 times!


Not the most interesting paragraph from the point of view of practice, but this elegant theory is just amazed! Let’s start.

When you don’t floss, you don’t clean out food debris that cause chronic inflammation of the gums — so, in your mouth permanently is a bacterial infection. Bacteria from the mouth affect your heart, getting there through the arteries: they encourage the buildup of nasty plaque. In addition, the body is constantly forced to spend resources of the immune system to neutralize the mess in your mouth. The wonders of relationship, man!

Win Olympic games, Nobel prize or Oscar

It’s not as simple as all of the previous points, but the method is really effective. Scorodonia actors and Directors live 4.5 years longer than their average colleagues. Olympic medalists live an average three years longer that Nobel prize winners — in one or two years longer than those who were nominated, but the award is not received. To be cool useful!

Be handsome

Beautiful people won the genetic lottery — and it turns out that’s not the only reason they can to hate. Attractive people live longer than ugly. This is probably due to their sexual attractiveness and natural selection: human beings are naturally inclined to choose a more healthy and beautiful companions. Yeah science, bitch!

Be rich


We already know: happiness will buy. Wealth and socio-economic status play an important role in life expectancy. Who has the best education and are more successful in terms of career, he looks to the future and more care about their health. Logic!

Tasty food: chocolate, nuts, apples

Let’s not prevaricate: well, of course, apples and nuts prolong life, but anyone a lot more loves chocolate. Dark chocolate is not only good for the heart, but also prolongs life. People who regularly eat dark chocolate live on average a year longer. Three chocolate bars per month for 36 percent reduce the likelihood of early death. In what does not deny!

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