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Not so simple, dude. Council is usually your close friend an acquaintance with the girls, probably, is: «Drink a glass of beer, approach her and start talking. Not work? Come to another!» And the guy goes from girl to girl, just restless Ghost, irritating all around. How to meet girls? Try to understand.

What does a woman want?

As we have repeatedly said, the guy needs to look competitive. If you can’t offer a girl something really unique, you have as much chance as all the others. You think she didn’t see the guys who love to drink, watch football. to play Xbox? In the world enough smart, cute, witty dudes, the girl saw them, too, abound. And what do you have?

When boy and girl meet, they offer each other their goods (this is roughly). Beauty, sexy, figure — usually a guy, this is enough, but the girl only some muscle and a pretty face is not enough. That’s why bro you need to constantly improve. Girls, too, but bro especially: competitors are not asleep. Regardless of whether you want to approach a girl at a bar for sex or for relationships in all degrees of difficulty (in a bar? relationship? don’t tell me… Although cases have been), these tips will always work.

Basic principles

1. Come

With this you need to start, friend. The courage, drink a little (don’t get drunk, no one likes) and forward.

2. Start a conversation

Remember, man, that the presence of good competent speech, not burdened with all sorts of interjections, words-parasites and banal epithets is exactly what separates a boy from her husband. It Mature cool husband will be simple, free from any nonsense, is not burdened with unnecessary epithets, and, most importantly, truly original. The kid will approach the girl with a standard, «hi, what’s your name? Masha? Sergey. I’m 23, you? 22?» Girls this form don’t like. So be natural and understandable: «Hello, my name is Kirill, I saw you from across the bar and decided to go. So what’s your name?» A good start to the conversation and the conversation itself — 80 percent of success.

3. Physical contact

many men call it «step». In fact, it is any gesture, touching the girl, to which she will respond favorably. Or not notice it. And this is a sign, let the situation gives a little picapin, but physical contact is a common psychological thing.

Where to get Chicks?

All places can be divided into several groups.

Hunting — day

Really not a good idea to meet in the afternoon. Girls less likely to think about sex and romance, they are passionate about marital problems, work and other things to which you have no relationship. It can be cafes, shopping malls, grocery stores, street, stop. Encounters in such places is a definite plus: get a girl’s phone number simply. 5-10 minutes is enough. Because the girl is in a hurry. But what we need to know? Right, see basic principles, para two.

Hunting — evening-night

Bars, restaurants, concerts are fantastic places. Girls are relaxed (because they, too, need something!), active. And familiarity with the night gives you more options. What do you think, what? That’s right, if you just a booty — grab and drag home.

Hunting University

Not strange, absolutely perfect way of hunting is the courtyard of the University. If you’re young at heart but long ago finished higher education, you have a chance to notice the cute girl who aspires to knowledge. The choice is always great, and simple «Girl, you like me, I’m already 15 minutes looking, can’t get enough» work a breeze. Just to make sure she is 18.

Place of hunting — your social circle

It can be a social club, for example, the same rocking chair, club jumpers, club modern dance. Just remember, man, that shit where they live, to what such techniques for a less serious relationship. And hunter interests there. Read about them here in this article.

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