Full control over the road PlayMe TETRA P500

If you’re ever driving along the serpentine in the middle of the day, you know the problem of local roads have fewer lanes for overtaking, the police are at every turn, and the guy with the camera waiting in the dark bushes. The trip turns out a real meal just because the driver can not protect yourself from attacks on your wallet. Very many areas where violations of traffic law is a matter of chance and not desire. And this problem is not specific roads and the whole transport system of Russia. Somewhere more «bread» for valued employees of GAI, but somewhere less. Therefore, in order not to be hostage to endless fines need to think two steps ahead. To do this, from the point of view of the driver, there are only two things: the DVR and radar detector. But if both can be combined, why not use it?

Two in one


Instead of having to tell you these things separately, we decided to find a device that plays equally well both functions. As an illustrative example of a perfect model DVR P500 TETRA manufacturer PlayMe. This hybrid stands out from its fellow for quite trivial reasons — it is more practical and convenient. But this characteristic give almost every product. Practicality and convenience — those are just words, until you’ve checked it all yourself.

The content of hybrid devices that combine a good video (in case you need evidence of innocence, or you will witness insane case on the road) and full radar, which will help you to trace around your finger not only stationary cameras, but also cameras with active radar part. The size these things can grow to huge sizes, but with PlayMe P500 TETRA you’re in luck — it is small to the obscene. In other words, you get full functionality of camera and radar sensors with very small dimensions. On the functions I want to dwell.


Remember, we are talking about one device, not two. Just in the description it is more convenient to split it by functionality. Though there is a common, convenient windshield mount and a simple, intuitive using the menu.



Any camera that needs to continuously record video while driving, great importance is the quality of the recording. If the quality is poor, the driver may lose many important elements of the accident that could help with the insurance payout. In this respect, the DVR user healthy and happy, he takes off in Super resolution HD 2304 x 1296. The quality of night shooting is not inferior to day mode WDR works as it should. Motion sensor and shock sensor confirm our view that TETRA P500 a great choice. But what else could be expected from the Koreans, who understand much better in terms of high technology and quality engineering than the «solo-Chinese».

Radar detector


The radar detectors of the previous generation always had a problem with interference. If you ever enjoyed this, then you know what we mean. Modern detectors are also «good». You have to constantly load the bases with GPS, something to update, and still screwing up on an unfamiliar stretch of road. Such problems with the P500 TETRA no. Not because it’s a great detector, but simply because they designed it with the mind. He determines all camera. That is its main advantage. With obstacles it is also to cope with a Bang, and his bands have quite high characteristics:

K — 24.150 GHz ±125 MHz Ka — 34.3 GHz, 34.7 GHz, 34.94 GHz; X — 10.525 GHz ±50 MHz;

The laser 800~1000 nm (180°).

Unlike many other radar-recorders data PlayMe P500 TETRA supplemented its own base cameras, which even includes information about the phantoms. So, even if you will use such a powerful weapon as Avtodoriya (undetectable complex), you’ll know about it. And, of course, all information supplied to the interior of your car not only in text form, but also visual and voice inserts.

Traffic control is impossible without the DVR, which won’t let you down — his role manygoodtips.com offers to take PlayMe P500 TETRA. Domestic transport system does not tolerate compromise. You or obey her rules, or she obeys your.

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