Full autopilot: cars that drive themselves

In the book Nikolay Nosov «dunno in sun city» kids from this very fantasmagorie city moved on the machines with the autopilot. In the beginning of the last century, futurists dreamed of a self-propelled carriage, and only recently humanity, something began to happen. Everybody, even the Tesla, threaten the mass production of self-propelled carriages. We will look at 5 of the most vivid flashes of self-driving car, which has threatened on sacred – on the market.

The Drone Google


Google does not produce the machines themselves. Google receives smarter: he equips «Ford», «Lexus» and «Audi» with cameras, LIDAR sensors, mounted on the roof, radar in the front of the car and sensors are connected to one of the rear wheels, which help to determine the car position on the map. In 2010, Google has tested several vehicles equipped with this system. In real conditions without human intervention, the car has covered about 1600 km fully Autonomous and 225 308 km with partial human involvement.

The system is full of flaws: in the rain and snow it is unfit, and during the testing vehicles periodically bumped into each other at traffic lights. In addition, the «Google» for a very long time messing with them. They tried to create something magical and self-propelled, but their prototypes are more like layouts. But Google works, guys really plow, delve into the nuances, and if you give them more time, you get something much higher quality than Google Glass.

Hitachi Ropits


While all of America is arguing about whether to release to the streets of cars with autopilot that replaces the live driver, Japanese magicians electricity Hitachi has created its own version of such vehicles, however, for other purposes.

First electric car was created in order to make the lives of seniors a lot easier. Sat in the booth, put the route and ride through the city, and old bones. But then the Japanese looked at their offspring, I read positive reviews from individuals who is much younger than the stated target audience, and decided to introduce «baby» in different areas, not only for skiing, but also for delivery of goods.

Hitachi Ropits has not much in common with the classic car. Take at least its top speed, which is only 6 kilometers per hour, which is equal to the walking speed of a healthy adult. In addition, Hitachi’s Ropits is designed only for one passenger, and the entrance to the inside of the vehicle is carried out through its folds up the front end. In short, it’s not so much an alternative to cars as Hiking.

For safe movement of the unit uses map data and a set of different sensors, and to determine location – GPS and a laser range finder mounted on the roof. Obstacles, bumps and potholes on the road, as well as random pedestrians are defined by two cameras and three-dimensional laser range finder that is installed in front of the electric car. And this little guy is active suspension, which makes it sustainable. However, if you want you can turn off the autopilot, grab the joystick and control box on the wheels themselves.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury


Inspired by Google ideas, a nice German company riveted its self-governing the carriage, showing his overly serious attitude on the development of self-driving cars. Recently at CES, the Germans showed their concept car avtopilotiruemy coach.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury looks really stylish and futuristic and resembles a smooth capsule with a huge salon inside. The car is equipped with four seats, which, thanks to actuators can rotate and change their position.

In essence, mersedesovsky made an absolutely useless machine, convenient, comfortable, but with the bright lights, led panels that change color depending on the mode in which moves a driver on autopilot (in a good sense), or manually. The car is almost entirely made of carbon material, even tank his shit. But when when creating such machines think about losing weight (and it’s not a sport model), about the LEDs, so about horsepower, engine and maneuverability, no one thought. It is possible to live, sleep, conduct their business, for which the car is to the eyeballs stuffed with all sorts of sensors and screens, but not to ride. He was in it to track the movements of your eyes, gestures, and good luxurious autopilot. And he on hydrogen. Well, it’s such a fashionable thing now is to make hydrogen cars. In fact, according to the presentation, the hydrogen – the main feature of it, and so the acceleration to a hundred in 6.7 seconds look a little different.

In fact, the exhibition brought the prototype of this unnecessary and an excellent coach. So let «Marco» time and fingers crossed in the hope that they will make not only the wrapper, and inside is brilliant quality.



While some few years promise to change the usual understanding of the world for its unique Autonomous cars, and other produce on the road most of these cars. Meet the world’s first minivan on autopilot. Even so. It is the first active van on autopilot. The first car without a steering wheel, which got the room.

This cheerful chaise, woven at a speed of 8 km/h, designed for six passengers, and she don’t need no wires, no dedicated lanes. It goes directly in the flow of traffic, is controlled by a complex set of systems, including the brain based on solutions from NVIDIA. For example, for the second week, the miracle of technology runs between the Dutch cities of Wageningen and ID. To cause WEpod, passengers need to use the smartphone app.

While the distance is about 200 meters (in test mode). As reported by NVIDIA, learning technologies enable computers in a number of tasks exceed human capabilities. WEpod able to create a full picture of what is happening around yourself as you move in the traffic and assess the situation faster and more objective.



Huge trucks that are capable, without the intervention of the driver hurtling down the night highway – a very unusual sight. Actually, it is the lure of company Freightliner, owned by Daimler AG. Less than a year ago, they demonstrated to the world its new development – a partially Autonomous truck Inspiration.

The creators of Inspiration claim that the autopilot system, which is integrated into their truck, able to reduce the stress and fatigue of the driver on the road, and by 5% reduce harmful emissions. The wolves are fed and the sheep are safe, and work over the schedule truckers easier, and the fighters for the environment pleasant. One «but»: the truck is designed to travel on roads without a driver. Didn’t get to this. Rather, we are talking about a partnership: the driver and the truck are constantly helping each other. Partial autopilot there is. But this is the first truck in the world, where there is at least the proportion of the autopilot. It’s like tea with sugar and without it – big difference.

In order to understand how this car needed, look at dry statistics. 90% of truck crashes result from driver error. It is here that Inspiration and its smart autopilot system Highway Pilot will come to the rescue tired or even asleep at the wheel man. While the driver is resting, the truck will take the controls, thereby reducing the risk of traffic accidents. It is in the truest sense of the word airplane on wheels. Autopilot using multiple cameras and sensors monitors road markings, maintains optimal speed, trying to keep a safe distance to ahead going car and stops the truck when it is impossible to continue movement.

During the «break-in» the truck showed itself from the best side. It is soft, smooth and really reliable. So far collected only 3 such truck.

By the way, a little earlier, another division of concern Daimler–Mercedes also showed the world its unmanned truck Future Truck 2025. But they have had problems with the law, and on one of the prototype it did not move. But whether still will be.

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