Fuel for training: tips on sports nutrition

After all, real food nothing can replace. Even a muffin or a homemade sandwich, you will be much more useful than most of the products sold under the brand name «sports nutrition». But of course, with sportpilot to live simply, everything measured, everything was measured, everything is calculated and counted, and the less time it takes. Our concept of healthy and beneficial food greatly exaggerated, for many of the sports diet is limited to chicken breast, that is absolutely wrong. Actually here is the information on sport fuel, which will greatly facilitate your life.

The food is not time consuming

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2016_MntRSv4DkFVfuPackaged sportpit has so many advantages over real food. The most important advantage is that sports nutrition is a fast, convenient and easily measured. Cooking rice, sandwiches and even coma requires time and a no part.

However, it is worth paying attention to released in 2013 by chef Biju Thomas book «Feed Zone Portable». The whole book is a collection of recipes in a hurry. But it’s not like it’s the Bible fast food, this cookbook athlete, because all snacks are ideal for sports diets and quickly digested. The authors argue that the effectiveness and benefits of food was tested by professional cyclists. Check it difficult, so hopefully that’s true.

Signs of good food

When self-experimenting with nutrition, remember that the main paragraphs in a good fuel are:

1. A sufficient amount of liquid. Otherwise, your intestines will pull the moisture out of the working muscles in order to somehow digest it.

2. A simple diet. Try to use natural products that do not contain any unnecessary ingredients (soy lecithin, for example).

3. Convenient to carry. I think you yourself do not really want to carry a heavy bag from one only food.

4. Delicious food. If there is no appreciable gain in productivity, that at least would be nice.

Do not bother

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2016_bquSmFbtmtxGyActually, you don’t have to worry so much about the nutritional value of your food. Supplements won’t kill you, will not make weaker. In the end, the same athletes before workouts throw a peanut butter sandwich, whose caloric destroys all decorum and rules.

However do not forget that the biggest mistake Amateur athletes is that they spend too little time in the gym, and too much in the kitchen. Overall, just experiment with different products for a long time to notice the difference and choose among them.

Eat the right amount

Of course, in order to properly spend the calories you need to consume the right number of them. The average easy Jogging or Hiking burned about 100 calories. If you’re on a Bicycle, or the treadmill, the calories burned may increase to thousands. On average, if the person is not a professional athlete, he burns about 500 calories per hour. For events lasting from two to six hours, it is strongly recommended to consume not less than half of the calories that you burn during one hour. So no laboratory studies are not necessary, all is clear.


The easiest way to count calories is to monitor their weight and to rely on their own experience of trial and error. No formulas and notes, just enough to monitor themselves and their own weight. Take too much carbohydrate and fluid and see what happens to you. Then take less than normal, and see how to react to your body. Your ideal dose of sodium, calorie and water needs to be somewhere in the middle. Experiment enough to find a middle ground.

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