Fucked best friend did not notice

how do you know you lost a friendRelationships are fluid. They originate, is experiencing a heyday and then the decline — everything is logical, we are not so young and foolish to deny this idea. Dudes and girlfriends appear next to us, hanging with us in this celebration of life, and then sooner or later dump — this order of things. You basically agree with that in all cases except one — when it comes to your best friend. This shit will definitely be with you always. Any other bloke let him come and go as you want, but this dude needs to stay. That is why is sucks to discover that he sailed out of your hands, and you didn’t notice. I think, no? But if…

Your talk is very often the stories on the news

How did you communicate in the old days? Your conversation was a mix of only you well-known jokes of different parts, Ugarov and discussions of the current shit: who said that who watched the movie and as it played two of the guys from your favorite team. Now everything has changed. You meet once in five years and one and a half hours spread to each other what has happened in your life since last one and a half hour meeting.

You shit on conflict resolution

A couple weeks ago you shit because of some shit someone said something, dude got it wrong, the result of General depression and fight. Previously, you could or to talk in the open, or clean each other faces, half in jest, and everything was falling into place. Now no. If you fight, you quarrel as lazy as your friendship as a whole. You score, don’t call back for a while and then pretend like nothing happened.

You have ceased to suffer together foolishness

When the two of you the last time you sat together on the couch, GOJIRA the remnants of the insides of the fridge and idly flicking through the buttons on the TV remote? Before, it was in order. Previously, it was generally the main pastime, which is occasionally interrupted by the trip to the game, booze or heavy vain attempts to accustom themselves to the exercises on the turnichki.

You will know his news from other people

You go down the street, meet a stranger friend, whom I remember from the dawn of time, did not understand what it is. You stop on the street (as you go down into depression from the future small talk), and during the conversation you find out your the same bro decided to move to Germany because «he was offered a job, enjoyed it, he immediately decided». Wow. And you didn’t. Well thank you, random friend.

In social networks you see his pictures from parties where you were

Before you didn’t even have to call each other on hangouts. It was needless to say, that without each other you didn’t go anywhere, and all the memories of booze and razvlekalovok you shared. You didn’t ask each other: «What are you doing Saturday night?» you said: «Well, what should we do on Saturday evening?» You had the option to spend time apart. Now what? What the fuck he did not call you — you didn’t even know that something is planned?!

You didn’t think about that before read

And this is the big and bold sign. If you have in your life and so there is plenty of everything, the worst sign is to lose someone and not even notice what is missing.

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