From the skull of the Chinese doctors removed a 12-centimeter knife

Dude, sometimes people openly carries, as they are the favors of Fortune, they were born in a shirt, clutching a clover with four petals.

For example, this Chinese woman Zhang LAN, who lives in the Northern city of Lanzhou, China. She miraculously survived after his head randomly got a knife.

Jiang LAN — the pensioner. She was tormented by the loneliness from the fact that her friends, children and grandchildren almost forgot about her. She was doing her thing in the kitchen, when suddenly slipped and planted a 12-centimeter knife in the head.

Dude, the most interesting is that after this procedure she was awake

— After what happened, I was confused and didn’t know what to do. I immediately called family and told them the terrible news, said the Chinese pensioner.

Naturally, the relatives immediately remembered my grandmother and alarmed. Gathered and took her to the hospital. But local doctors refused to help the Chinese, arguing that they are afraid to take the possible consequences, because the basic rule of doctors: «do No harm!».

Helped the pensioner is only the third medical facility. All this time a sharp piece of iron sticking out from her head.

It turned out that another couple of centimeters and the patient could not be saved. But all went well — what took

Don’t even know what to say, man. On the one hand, my grandmother was very lucky to survive in such a situation. On the other, this is how you have to be a loser to put myself in the head with his kitchen knife? Sam what do you think

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