From pubs to riches: the story of Jamie Vardy


What’s the matter?

How nice to be surprised, dammit! How nice to see something new, surprisingly new in the familiar circle of things. This, of course, about English football, which is very unusual for our journal, but once in 20 years and «Leicester» shoots, as they say. The usual hegemony of the money bags broke the club argibay by the standards of, say, the Russian Premier League (especially when compared with the long-suffering «Kuban» and «Russian Leicester» Rostov, for which the salary has become something of a magical, mythical), but does not pay by the standards of British higher division, completely devoid of stars prior to the championship (most of the players know is that the regulars of football managers, and others – age players who long ago written off), is able to boast is that a great lawn is not the top of the stadium and a coach with the reputation of the loser of world football. And the devil of the woodwork, miraculously saved from relegation last season, beat choking in his own pathos and transfer records top clubs and won gold at the oldest football League. For the first time in history. Inspired and technically, while showing good performances, making a brilliant pass and proving that the son of Peter Schmeichel not worse than the father. It was a fresh approach, has encouraged the whole world. For a modest club was sick, even rivals: the story of football Cinderellas forever go down in history of world football. This is not the championship Blackburn in ‘ 95, then «tramp» (the nickname of the club) amplified a range of British stars of the time such as Alan Shearer, Graeme Le saux, David Batty, Chris Sutton. A «Fox» (the nickname «Lester»), under the leadership of the wise old Fox» Ranieri has increased young and talented players without big names. Did all along the way fall in love with all school and bored from the monotony of world football fans. Love is not the result but the game. any successful company with any team, no matter football, the military, our youth – has its own character, its own people. Lester he, too, was, and, strangely enough, it’s not the old Italian «Fox» Ranieri. Of course, his invaluable contribution, because he has motivated the players to win and built a game that is scheduled to hit the European competition guaranteed the championship. This sage during his long and not the most lucky career he has earned a great trophy, but not always, the symbol is defined contribution. Therefore, Riyadh Mareza we also reject, along with Drinkwater, Hoot, Kant and others. He was the best player of the championship, but his career is simple: rather young for a player’s shot because of the lack of serious competition at his position, drew attention to himself. But the career Vardy unhackneyed, and his contribution to the victory was invaluable. Jamie Vardy may be and teeth on edge, but they can not stop to admire, so that rumor about him want to make a movie, so it opens Academy named after himself, and generally not a sin to admire a guy who is like two drops of water similar to the VJ Link. His football fate is very similar to the fate of the «Lester». But more about that.

I remember where he was until recently, and look where he was now. Can’t single out any one moment, this entire journey was incredible. Had a lot of hard work, but for me personally this is a huge achievement. And take the rest of the guys from the locker room. Many were released from big clubs, someone just got rid of, some were in the lower leagues, and then in «Leicester». The team that everyone thought was weak. And now they are on top.

From rags to riches

manygoodtips.com_11.05.2016_8kDysLqPc97IBJamie was born 11 January 1987 and not in the textile Mecca of Albion (which is Leicester), and in his steel mill in Sheffield, in Yorkshire, known to us thanks to the accent of the locals, who are very worried about JK Rowling (otherwise hard to explain why she always says «Yorkshire accent» in every part «Harry Potter»). All his childhood he spent in working-class neighborhoods of the city, pushing the ball on vacant lots and strut around in the company of peers. In addition to malocclusion, life gave him a harsh street hardened. Even then Vardy clearly manifested its main problem – a bad character. Perseverance and the desire to become an athlete, of course, spurred a bully, but nevertheless, on the field he was nothing. Was the typical guy in the process of splitting into teams that choose not the first and not the last, and third. Maybe something worthwhile out of it and would leave because of his persistence he was infected, preferring fashionable at the time the raves are training, but at age 16 he was expelled from the youth team «Sheffield Wednesday» due to low growth and bad temper. The verdict of the coaches were not promising: the lack of talent. And frail Constitution did not provide for the power of success in English football.

What does a normal British… Yes, indeed, of any man, when he takes a dream? Go thump on a whim. Not to write poetry, not to be sad, and thump. The orphanage of lost souls – an old Sheffield bar helped a little wayward youngster. One night he managed to fight and, apparently, wielded fists not worse than feet this season, otherwise, could not put behind bars, after which some time was wearing electronic handcuffs, which the police tracked his location. Usually at this point the fate of many of the players end up exactly in the sporting sense, they continue to plump, to complain of destiny, to work at the nearest factory and with a heavy heart, to watch football. But Vardy took up the head and decided to go back to what does best – play football. So, he was considered hopeless in all positions, but what if you’re born stubborn. blindly believes in his dream and does not want to look for other ways. Perseverance takes. Only had to relish harknut in the face of dreams, to play in a solid at the time and beloved «Sheffield». In Vardy turned out, and not to waste time on pointless viewings and rejections, he went on viewing in club of the eighth division, «Stocksbridge».

manygoodtips.com_11.05.2016_7VCpUXf6dYYPcThen I did a lot of things. After training I had to go to the house, the bracelet is not squeaked because of a violation of the curfew.Then there is the incredible story of stubbornness, the person who is unfamiliar with the realities of modern football, will seem extreme idiocy.

For three seasons Vardy fought for a place in the main team. Again: in the main command of the eighth division. It is clear that the atmosphere in these matches better than in the stands of a match «Shinnik» – «Baltika», but many would spit on it and went back to the bar. Oh, happiness is being a team player team of the 8th division! Played at the weekend, on weekdays he worked at the factory, and after a workout, hurry home, the bracelet is not squeaked because of a violation of the curfew.

However, Jamie wasted no time to lose: he studied, improved, and did not hesitate to play with people, for whom football was more of a pastime than a profession. For three seasons t-shirt «Stocksbridge» he scored 66 goals, and then for the first time in my life left Sheffield, accepted the offer of the club from West Yorkshire Halifax. The club played in the same League, except that they paid a little more, and the hosts had at least some ambition. It was may of 2010. Spain become World Champions, Milito ships flat in gate «Bavaria» in the Champions League final, and Vardy is entering a new phase of his career, which differs only in that in addition to faith in himself, he began to believe the club’s management.

A year has passed, «Halifax» climbed to seventh in the League, Jamie 27 goals was the best scorer of the championship, received the title of best player of the tournament and attracted the attention of the «Fleetwood», club of the fifth division. The fifth League is already much more serious, usually guys, who dream to become professional players start to play there, but our tree man was not looking for easy ways and do not feel the difference between the leagues. 31 goals in 36 matches for the semi-professional League is enough to attract the attention of the club from the second strongest in the League.

manygoodtips.com_11.05.2016_mLZDGRaarwOOhThe triumphant emergence of a serious England was a complete failure. It was hard to get used to serious stress, and workout in the morning, which does not begin with pints of beer. Fans booed the new acquisition, gave him not the most pleasant nickname – «the walking dead». «What we have given 1 million pounds?» – thought leadership. «Why on the field running a bunch of shit?» – fans said. Were right and those and others. It seemed that a new stage in ward no strength, choosing between a football career and a beer, he was more inclined to the second. However, the coaching staff persuaded Vardy to gather and to try again.

The following season Leicester stormed to the Premier League in the opening rounds, destroying itself «Manchester United» with the score 5:3, and Vardy took part in all the goals of the team and later he called that match the best in his career. As it turned out, last season was his only acceleration. Today Jamie, two years ago almost quit professional football, ranked second in the list of scorers and is the owner of a new record for consecutive goals scored. Slim guy didn’t believe in the infamous «Sheffield», now overgrown muscles and showed a standard thinking player. It’s not intuition, it’s work on yourself, a habit. With a clumsy beater, he became a player in England, who scored with the heel against the Germans and has a chance to go to the European championship. He came up the hard way from the bottom, turning from a provincial championship striker counties in one of the most prolific strikers in Europe, and therefore deserved recognition. His name is call girls in Leicester and already planning to name one of the streets. Next season he will be 30, and it is unlikely he will repeat his record. But then in the time to remember «the Captain’s daughter» and the words Pugacheva about the eagle and the crow, the essence of which is reduced to a banal conclusion: life is better lived short, but bright than dull and obscure, floundering in the lower ranks.

Everyone loves Vardy

Porada.yak.ua_11.05.2016_QFAOnhiSkUn84Recently the latter-day champion of England opened his own football Academy with the telling title «V9 Academy.» The goal of the Academy is to find talent in the lower leagues and give them a chance to play at a professional level, while providing a unique chance to learn how things work at the top level. And to take part may not necessarily a British citizen. If you dream of becoming a soccer player – hurry up to register 42 of the lucky ones. Maybe at Fulham will play.

I remember once, when I was a teenager, I was approached by Sheffield Wednesday due to his short stature. I think that nobody should speak in the 15-16 years that he’s not good enough – because there is still a lot of years to progress. I doubted myself when I was expelled. Sheffield was my kid’s club, which was very important to me, and to hear that I’m not big enough, not strong enough, it was difficult.

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