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manygoodtips.com_28.07.2015_ZV6TS4TYR261wThis fact can shake you harder than a shot of iron core in the balls, but summer is rapidly ending. There was one poor month, and the feast of harvest, the birds will start to cut bait and get to warmer climes, and you never went to sea. And who visited, swam, and indulged in merriment and vices in spite of the crisis. Most of them soon return to the hated jobs, and in these moments you don’t even know who to be jealous of those who have not yet experienced the joy of vacation, or those who will return to work. Because the worst of the painful return to work – only to look like an old lady splurges dentures. So here are a few tips to make the procedure more gentle, or you may be about the same, and with this citizen.

Take the job in the middle of the week

A new life begins Monday, and people in the know – Thursday and Friday are the perfect days to release after the holidays to work. Well, you come back on Monday and take a week to recover. Work really not can, but will accumulate tons of tasks that you won’t be able to perform. And the soul longing, and the body remembers the touch of the waves. And then two days of adaptation, the weekend as a break and to work with new forces.

Healthy sleep

Comrade Napoleon Bonaparte claimed that this man should not sleep more than 4 hours. But Bonia came to a bad end, so his advice we will not listen to. Listen to the doctors and experienced «returnees» who claim that little sleep, no way! A minimum of 7 hours. The only way to return mode. A few days before the end of the vacation, start to gradually move wastes time to sleep and the morning’s climbs. First 30 minutes, then another 20. Then on the first working day the difference is not so obvious.

If you are going to relax in another city or country, get back home at least a couple of days before going to work. This will facilitate adaptation.

Don’t spend it all at once

The longer you rest, the harder it is to start working. So don’t blame required by law to 28 days in one pile, and possibly break them.

Need more breaks

Many believe that people after the holidays rested and ready to plunge into work. Actually it’s all bullshit! Sometimes the relaxation is so pungent and intense that after it still need extra rest, but the time for him, as a rule, no. Therefore, the journal recommends a freebie at work, namely: every hour in the first days at work after the holidays to take breaks. Can irritate their colleagues with stories about the holiday adventures, you can just improve the record in Fruit Ninja, you can keep the funny pictures in social networks – does not matter. These few minutes are a breath of fresh air to your exhausted rest and fitter body.

Tell me there’s no coffee

Famous filmstar said that coffee is a nerves. And nervous you are contraindicated. So replacement in the first days after a holiday coffee other beverages. If you «citability» or this drink is for you doping for new achievements, do not dare to persuade. Istoday your nerves myself.

Don’t bother

While on holiday, according to psychologists, the IQ drops several notches. Not that you really are dumb just be like Spider-Man without superpowers. Just without practice lost skills. For the restoration of the habit of thinking quickly and effectively also takes time. We also imposed his rhythm, and faced with the natural difficulties, even more upset. So after the holidays, don’t throw in the working «pot». Come up to speed gradually and smoothly releasing the clutch. There’s no need for trouble, do not rush to take on «burning» matters. If some tasks can wait, let them wait. This is the only option when you need to leave things for later and to freebie.


As you know, motivation is capable of anything. The main thing, correctly to motivate yourself. So, walking in foreign city and enjoying its beauty, promise myself to return to this region, but for the next year. I can even give the word the kid. First, this word can not return, and there will be new stimulus – rotten 24 hours a day, to earn a vacation. Let that goal be your main.

Already on arrival in the apartment look motivating films about people who come to success only because I worked like a horse. If you’re a nature impressionable, immediately after the viewing of the film will feel a strong desire to work.

Add holiday

Get rid of boredom, if only your daily life will be as interesting as your trip. One day off, not paying attention to bad weather or lazy, you need to make a: go to nature, go to theater, nageris to a bestial state with friends in the bar or continue the tradition of travelling with a trip to the neighboring farm. Only when the wait output is due to the fact that in front of something new and exciting, you will cease to compare everyday life with a vacation.

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