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Hi, guys! Thank you for your classy quality magazine! Don’t know do you answer the questions of friends, but I still write.

Prompt how to be in my situation: I’m an accountant (boring job for a boring chick, but I like it) for almost 30 years, was again left without work (the year is already racing from place to place, and was stable in one place, but I’ve out grown) now I’m completely lost, went to work for the 30000 (this is Moscow… write and ashamed), simply because there is no work, was not good money is not invited (experience I have a great and spreading, the tower is), it is not clear why. Where settled now after 2 months promised 40000-45000 after the new year, maybe more, but they are not sure. Believe it or not? How it is to live, it is not clear, and to give the money should.

Looking at the other girls who are not poor, and are just jealous: or they have a job, or man, or both. Brain crept the treacherous idea that I need a man, and even better with money and adequate. But where in Moscow to meet, it is not clear: do not go to clubs, sit on the Internet (tried, but no matter). I am no beauty, no haragopal not different, I just don’t, I’m invisible and awful shy. Like my ex to me 4 years ago said, «I’m not going to be, well, not for long, so I will, but what about you, I’m not sure.» As the water looked.

What’s wrong with me?

The answer

Hello, beautiful, realistically assess yourself the stranger! In turn, thank you for the good estimation of our work. Kowtow, stay with us. Things will get better.

As for the first part of «Marlezonskogo ballet» called «Career», don’t worry: crisis, no one can guarantee a bright future. Who knew that, after leaving the place «from where you grew up», you will not find a job for 80000. To consider all necessary, my dear. It is impossible to leave work immediately in the void, you need to look for a place. Pay attention in the future. But it’s not about that. Every day the market situation is getting worse and worse, so go meaningless. Be patient. I hope the salary paid? And don’t freak out their career development. It’s all experience, and ashamed of it to nothing.

And now to the main part. Nothing you can’t do that if you continue the existence of infusoria-shoes, which need nothing but comfort and food. 30 (albeit almost 30) years for the women is that 30 years for men. Especially in our country. We as fans of a timely marriage, I am glad that for you marriage is not a goal, but it’s sad that you’re not committed to anything. Explain to us, the unmarried idiots, how can you find your soulmate, doing nothing, not associating with anyone, without going anywhere? Show at least some social activity. Surely there are friends who may try to set you up with someone charming and attractive. Only that you need to change. Men do not like boring gray ladies because with them life is more upsetting than a raging hysterical. With at least hysterical passion, emotions, concerns reconciliation. Sitting at home is boring, going to a boring job, unremarkable. There is no dignified man will not stand, even if he is 70 years old. By the way, so you do not take a job. It is important not only experience but also personal qualities. The more people, the more you want to employ. Even on such a boring job.

You need man? I have the feeling that you are absolutely comfortable. You’re not one of those progressive girls who put material wealth above love and are willing to put up with anything, but would not work. You such a marriage would ultimately turn into «the chicken» – sad, nothing of itself is not a homebody, then you’re going to bore him. In the best case of infidelity. In the worst – loneliness. You may suffer with his bad manners, and bad habit beat in the ass, his nasty friends. But would that make you happy? Rather, the contrary. But just in case, rich men there, the life that flows past.

You need just a good guy, maybe he will punch you in the head (figuratively, we are against violence) and forced to look at ourselves in new ways.

How about to gather together and begin to build your career? Right on this very spot? Start working like a horse, to cultivate those qualities that are missing? This is all possible. Never too late to learn, especially when you’re young at heart. Self-development. If you’re not beautiful (although, most likely, you’re just self-destruct), take care of yourself. Women have an important charm, not beauty. Remember Gala Dali – without tears will not look.

Take care of yourself, be more open, find another interest or hobby. How’s that song go: «smile to the world!» Become the Jim Carrey of «Always say Yes». We’re talking horribly banal things: self-development, communication, Hobbies. But damn, the situation is much simpler than it may seem. Strip yourself of daily routine. It’s time to grow up, to grow with situada students in the normal lady. Only the soul is not matured, leave this condescending Outlook on life. Will see, and the men pulled and the life will be more fun, and you personally will become clear with the work. The recipe is this simple. And never, never despair. Don’t start to hate myself, love yourself, and the world will love you. And you will be successful, but unhappy, like woody Allen.

We apologize for the possible rudeness allowed. A lady prohibitively so to communicate, but we are so excited! And then decided to leave. For greater credibility.

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